5 Secrets of true love

What is love? What are the secrets she keeps? How to achieve a state of love? Questions about love excite people's minds. Let's reveal the foundations of beautiful feelings and understand what are the secrets of love.

Some want to truly experience the feeling of love, the other to manipulate the other person's love, and still others do not aspire to some feelings. In any case, the questions about love excite people's minds. Disclose bases wonderful feeling, what is the secret of love.

In fact, after the wedding celebration you are going on a honeymoon to the beach. It was at this point, many often feel true happiness and completely immersed in the arms, they think true love.

Love - is the freedom of your attitude and laid-back attitude to the outside world.

Only a loving person subject to his personal freedom and joy of life. There is no question of financial independence or to secure life. Love - is the state of mind of man, like freedom and ease. If you, being with the other person, having the freedom, you know that you can express all your feelings, thoughts and ideas, then you are capable of true love. If your partner does not limit you in anything, and your relationship preserve their harmony and integrity, despite the fact that you can see something different from each other and have different views on some issues, then you are destined to experience love.

So, here are 5 secrets of true love:

1. The first secret of true love
The first thing you need to remember the men and women: if love does not give you freedom, then it is not love, but something else.

2. The second secret of true love
The second secret is to take a nice sense of opposites. You - a man and a woman, and therefore have something different from each other. If the man was like a woman or a woman was like a man, they did not attract attention to each other. Just the opposite of the other person and the absence of some qualities in itself allows to connect two hearts in love. But this is possible only when all the differences are made partners in the future development of the relationship, and not become a cause for conflict.

For example, a woman can destroy the relationship, if at first it will be cheering aggressive behavior of his partner, but then criticize him for it, he would become her husband. Or men fail to break relations if the first will enjoy the aspirations of women to always be beautiful and bright, and then, after the wedding, will limit it to that. Take the opposites of each other and enjoy them if they please you in the beginning of a relationship.

3. The third secret of true love
The third secret of love is that every person is worthy of a partner, which he already has. If you think you deserve more than a rich man or a passionate woman, you are deeply mistaken. Faced with these people on their way, your relationship would last no more than two days. And all because you deserve the very people with whom you have a long relationship. If you do not agree with their position in the personal life, then change yourself to be worthy of other types of partners.

4. The fourth secret of true love
The fourth secret of true love is none for anybody not created. Misconception of people that individual women created for a particular male, is based solely on the fact that the myth promoted movies and romance novels. But in reality, neither you nor your partner, and no one else made for each other. You are allowed to choose their own people, with whom you want to be. You can love the person that you are interested in, without asking the question: "And whether it was he (she) is my other half, sent by God?».

5. The fifth secret of true love
In connection with this it comes up next secret love, which reads: give up the thought that between you and your loved one to be all over the agreement and the same opinion. As long as you seek a consensus agreement between you happen quarrels and conflicts. But as soon as you realize that you and your partner are individuals, everyone can have an opinion, a different attitude to the problems and the excellent outlook, while the reasons for the quarrels and scandals becomes much less. As long as you strive to educate the other person himself, that is, try to make your partner a copy of thoughts, desires and outlook, conflicts are your faithful companions. But from the moment when you take the difference between you and your loved one, quarrels will disappear, and in the hearts of every one of you rekindle the love.

These are the secrets stores now light feeling. If you follow them, then you let the love in your life. Be aware that freedom is the best indicator that you love and you are loved. If you can not fully open next to a man, then one of you does not feel this deep feeling.

Remember, love is needed for favorable conditions. It needs appreciation and gratitude. Love can blossom only in the hearts of those who do not need and do not expect their loved ones.


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