8 words that need to get rid

Those who avoid using their lexicon at least the following 8 words, achieve great results in their work, sports, and life in general!

For several years, I am watching the manner of speech of other people: relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and friends. These observations allow us to interesting conclusions: great results in work, sports, and life in general sought and seek those who avoid using in their lexicon at least the following 8 words, which will be discussed in this post. Let's see why you should get rid of those familiar words, formulations.

1. "Maybe / Maybe"
you leave yourself a loophole that do not end up making a decision. "Maybe I'll go to the gym," "Maybe I will read more," "Maybe next month we must begin a series of changes in our project?" - Everything is hidden excuses, when the face of inevitable you still do not want something do something, but admit to himself in this difficult, and therefore it is better to provide a solution to someone, and to "be" to support this decision.

2. "Tomorrow"
"I'll think about it tomorrow" - said Scarlett O'Harra. But you do not flighty girl. 80% deferred "for tomorrow" is not met ever, although it could be decided / done / said / written today to the end of the day. Or are you too much to burden themselves (and you just have to revise their plans the density and structure of work tasks for the day), or you have to "kill" a procrastinator (it is more difficult, but more importantly from the perspective of long-term perspective).

3. "Never"
"I will never raise a hand against another person" - may even as if your life or the lives of your loved ones would be in danger. "Do not forgive her" - I'm sorry, just not right away (or at all forget with time). Remember the "Star Wars," and Obi-Wan Kenobi? "Only Sith still erect an absolute" - translated into "simple human" means that only people selfish and self-righteous operate wording such as "never", "nothing" (as well as "always", "forever"). Life is much more complex and nonlinear than just a set of presets and dividing by the "white" and "black".

4. "The Future"
a concept that has not been seen and never will be (because "tomorrow" tomorrow's "Today" and "in the future I will be more healthy / successful / richer" - it's just samoumilenie not to think about anything, and "reset" what you really are concerned in any "gap" and get this worry "out of the closet"). Think about the best thing you can change today, what would you like to achieve today what one small goal you can achieve / implement before the end of the working day.

5. "I wish ..."
From beginning to emerge regrets huge mountain of negative experiences that literally "presses" you to the ground. You are no longer the man I was even six months ago; you already know what you can do, and what not, you have done / are doing certain choices. And therefore regret what was done / not done does not make sense: you do not have "time machine" to fix it. Endless "a pity that ..." - just the way around in search of what can not be found.

6. "You're welcome"
"- Thank you for helping with the report. - But not for that! "- And a colleague after a month will come to you as if nothing had happened, considering that you just have to help him with the report, because you are" cool dude. "Replace" not at all "to" please " : provided by your service / your time / efforts made have value, and "please" - the most effective and positive way to bring this value in the form of a friendly, even if you are really a selfless and open person.

7. "Can not"
"You can not lose weight by 5 kg in such a short time", "it is impossible to quit this stupid job, because I have no money," "impossible to run 5 km, I had no shortness of breath and walk a difficult" - tell us about the impossibility of people like Nick Vuychich ... no, leave Nick alone phenomenon! Tell us what is "impossible" to your neighbors, colleagues or relatives who have heart problems, who have diabetes or recovery from injury in a car accident or sports injury. They did not lay down and give up just because this morning getting out of bed or walk to work, they were hard. Tell us about the impossibility of the children (we have already once said that young children can learn). Our experience of the past negative events, regrets and the habit to dump all that seems too complex, "tomorrow", in "the future" or "never" - this is what constitutes your "impossible".

8. "accidentally"
"I accidentally made a mistake," "accidentally forget", "I happened to be at this event" - come on you! You were inattentive - and therefore wrong; too "loaded themselves" - and therefore forgotten; We wanted to get to the conference / party - and at the last minute and found a way to make time and money. Reasonable people do of "coincidences" conclusions for themselves to continue to do / do something that they have for the first time got "accidentally". The will of the case - is not the best assistant in business, but the commitment and perseverance - yes.

What kind of "word-blockers" you notice in his speech?


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