2 RULES happy relationship

If you do not want to suffer again because of the destruction of the Union and to ask meaningless questions, "Why did it happen?", You should always adhere to two basic rules of happy relationships.

Usually, people succumb to their own emotions and desires, plunging into illusion. They do not see reality, and hope that love will change everything and turn the relationship into a fairy tale. But as life shows, it is an illusion and illusion, and did not notice before reality hit harshly.

2 What are the rules for happy relationships that will once and for all solve many problems?

1. Do not expect your partner to change.
Do not waste your time and your own hand at it, to somehow change their partner. If you notice any flaws in his favorite person, you can point them out and ask for change. But in most cases such conversations and are talking, and quarrels and scandals certainly not help in addressing this issue.

Understand that adults are much harder to reach up to the idea that they need to change. Typically, they believe that have reached its peak, and if other people do not like something, then that's their problem. And in the end people do not change, even when talking to them and asking friendly.

Do not expect your partner to change. Better and more efficient to understand that the way in which you now see their loved one so it will always be. Undoubtedly, some changes will occur, but most likely, they will be insignificant. So just look at your partner sober look and ask yourself: "Do I want to be with this person on, even if he does not change and will remain as is now? '. It is best not to rely on any changes as a miracle happens very rarely. And you just eventually disappointed and simply destroy their relationship, trying to change the other person.

2. Show your requirements and feel free to their desires.
One of the mistakes many people is that trying to be kind and good, they do not show their desires. Realizing that something might offend the partners, they do not agree prejudice and limit themselves to something. If they do not like something, they do not talk about it. But this is an inefficient position. After all, the partners get used to a certain lifestyle, and then they do not know that happened to their loved ones, why they suddenly began to protest against the fact that earlier they were not hurt, much to that earlier did not care demand, without which it could do before. < br />
You must understand that, without expressing their desires, and not to mention their own needs, You hide the information on the partner, and put yourself in an awkward position when you start doing what you do not like.

Do not be afraid of their desires, to express their needs, do not hesitate to all. Let your partner know what you want to adapt to you and find a compromise, it is important if your relationship.


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