The most suitable age

With what you have associated the age of 72 years? And grandmother on a bench near the house. With shuffling grandfather. On average, somewhere like that, I guess. In any case, it is something sedentary, inactive and malopozitivnoe.
And if you start to do something new in such an age? Oh, say most. I'm too old / st. An old dog new tricks not teach. I deliberately choose the most hackneyed phrases. Because, in spite of the bananas, they still reflect some fairly average opinion.
Well, God bless them, with the average. A little to become a model at 72-something? Yes ceremony, said Liu Kvanping. He liked the clothes, which were sold through the online store his granddaughter with his friends. Come to her once again on a visit to Guangzhou, he found a lot of colorful boxes with clothes, could not resist, tried - and carried him filmed in new clothes, were delighted and asked to place the material with a new model on the site. Grandfather agreed. And literally became an overnight star of Chinese fashion. He has the nickname and the corresponding adapted - «MaDiGaGa» - funny old man.
Grandfather with absolutely no complexes about that demonstrates women's clothing, constantly aware of new products and fashion, which is not surprising, very friendly with her granddaughter.
In general, just beautiful, and not be afraid of another stamp - an example to follow.
Respect, Liu! God forbid all that.


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