Planet Titicaca

Meanwhile, in South America Andrey and Nastya quietly crossed the border of Bolivia and went to the legendary lake.

Hi friends,
We flew safely from the planet called Titicaca. The wrong people got such beauty. It's another world. I did not expect to see. And these Indians in the door handle is inserted upside down on the island and on donkeys carry water up as their ancestors did 400 years ago. In general, except for life, everything is fine.
The height of the lake above sea level - 3810 m. Plus you need to add lift to the hostel and get about 4000 m. Breathing hard, fast pace does not resemble - gasp at the moment. During the day - 25 night + 5 and a breeze, as we have in the winter. The lake water is about 11 degrees. If in the Pacific cramped back there for some reason began to freeze overnight vertically. Why would it? Swim was brief - 10 m.
By the way, heating of the island, as well as water supply is not. But the warmth of the Indians are not concerned. In the windows of the gap in the finger-thick, hollow brick inside some homes generally are made of straw. In short, 21 in the yard. But out there - a lot of blankets. Usually given 3-5 pieces per person.

And now the beautiful. Sunrises and sunsets on Lake rip cord. Color of the water changes several times an hour and a dozen times a day: from steel (in cloudy weather) to turquoise, then to deep blue and back to pale blue. Sky - is a separate issue. It is from another planet. As well as the water in the lake, it constantly changes its appearance. It is a pity that we were only 3 days / 3 nights at the lake ...

Arrived today in civilization - in the financial capital of Bolivia in La Paz. I thought that in Peru there are poor neighborhoods. In Bolivia their homeland. Houses are without roofs. Windows in half not. People live. In the center, yes, beauty, trees, lawns and roads. On the outskirts (we drove into the city through one of them) have nothing. There are no roads, one dust and stones, no trees, no people want to write, but it's not true. They eat and live there, in fact.

Tomorrow I'll go to the museum coca witch on the market and decide how we're going here.


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