Cheaper only for nothing

How much does a wedding today? Well, depending on the capacity and willingness of the individual to create a universal holiday show. But, in general, quite expensive. Table there, flowers with musicians and other attributes. Bride, again necessarily required. Without it - no way. And it is also quite a decent penny becomes. Or not? And depending on how you approach this issue. If humor and creativity - that does even cheap can do such a pleasure. Well, for the work, of course, will have to pay. But stuff ... Yes, actually, no problem! Environmentally friendly, no additives, no dyes, non-GMO. One hundred percent cotton! And the price - cheaper only for nothing. More precisely, it is possible and cheaper, but it will not be the effect. How Come? And because the dress is made of ten rolls of toilet paper! (Maybe for someone else or less gone, who knows) But it is so much "material" It took the winner of the contest Cheap-Chic-Weddings (svadba cheap and cheerful!). As the sponsor of the contest is the company Ā«CharminĀ», producing toilet paper from her own dress production, in fact, sculpted. Well, not counting other consumables things - scotch tapes yes pins. She was the winner of the highly symbolic prize - 2012 dollars. And the rest as interesting - well, there is not enough just to dress, so no problem! How many 10 rolls worth something? Yes utter nonsense!


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