26.05. Raphael and Mercury, Nicholas I and detachments

< 1829

If you think you sho zagryadotryady NKVD - the type of know-how of the Soviet system, I did slightly disappoint you. In Russia as a historically sho prisoner, God forbid, there - then do not otmoeshsya. Simply to die on the spot. Shaw but with machine guns at the retreating not thrashed, but in terms of visual agitation, sho happens in such cases, "The Departed" was full openwork.
From your story from 1829. In the Black Sea at the time, Russia continued to push out to Turkey for centuries inhabited by many people, with what the Turks did not agree totally, and were cut as they could. It happened sho frigate "Raphael" was under the hand of the Turkish squadron (as already happened there, sho Turks at this time and in this place was much more - is another question). Frigate captain Simon Stroynikov figured sho chopped on - and put all surrendered. Moreover, Shaw outcome of the war is clear - the Turks have nothing to catch. No, well, four - sides of the same prisoners changed. All are a chance for the sailors.
Nicholas I, for it kada learned very upset and commanded the frigate will return Buda, burn to hell, because he believed it "unworthy to continue to carry Russian flag." A sho for people? The prisoners were on a peace treaty yet returned.
In the heat of the officers and commander initially wanted to put in consumption. Then it is not clear from what considerations changed their minds, but the officers did the sailors, the captain said, sho awards and titles are now not considered married and he is now - not on your nelly "in order not to be a coward in Russia and offspring of a traitor." Well, the sailor returned to the label clearly what stuck.
And now, the continuation. After some time the brig "Mercury" falls into a similar situation. Whom - there are matching - to transfer to the "Raphael" he commanded Stroynikov groaning above. Shaw commander do? Give up? Yeah, right now. We saw examples of know. On the site are not poreshat, but will not find anyone. Lieutenant Kazarsky and the team, knowing sho awaits them at the time, are cut all the way. And I did them humanly understand: to lose absolutely nothing. Here kill - there is rot. And in this state, all the knees. Turks quietly precipitate from such heroism and the brig did manage to knock in Sevastopol. Schaub Rubilovo assess the extent and probability of a favorable outcome, Troshka statistics: the ship got 22 holes and 297 damaged sails, spars, rigging
. Clearly, we awarded all, from the sailors to the brig commander took retinue of Nicholas.
By the way:
The overall conclusion of the military historian A.I.Abrosimova: victory of the "Mercury" was not some outstanding event. But the main reason for the transformation of this case in partisan propaganda was the need to reduce the bitterness of defeat another ship - "Raphael»

. Personal opinion of the military historian AI Abrosimov:
... I insist on a review of the case and the posthumous rehabilitation of SM Stroinikova and all condemned the team with the official recognition of the unjust sentence, and with their respective memory perpetuation and even the possibility of assigning the name "Raphael" one of the newly built ships.
Shaw still wondering: these two types of sailor on land have for a lady. And she chose that Shaw gave up. With it also went wrong - after all had to leave the monastery. Type the groom's sins to atone for. Although - unless there Lawless Heart ..
? Ta and did sin - to have the desire to save people ..
? And Stroinikova before the case was already two boys. Rear Admiral then began ...


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