The Golden Rules of Power from Indra Devi, lived up to 103 years!

Eugene Peterson, known throughout the world as Indra Devi, became the First Lady of Yoga, the man who discovered yoga practice not only Europe and America, but also the Soviet Union.

During his long life Eugene Peterson several times radically changed his life - from society lady to Mataji, meaning "mother", the spiritual mentor

. She traveled around the world, and among her acquaintances were Hollywood stars and Indian philosophers, and the Soviet party leaders.

She knew 12 languages ​​and considered the native land of three countries - Russia, where he was born, India, where he was born and where re-opened her soul, and Argentina - "Friendly" to Mataji Indra Devi


Eugene V. Labunskaya-Peterson was born in 1899 in Riga in the family Russified Swede and famous operetta actress in Russia. During the Civil War, Eugene and his family emigrated to Germany, was fascinated by the culture of India and then went to the country, where she met the famous guru Sri Krishnamacharya and began seriously to study yoga.

She became the first European to teach yoga themselves Hindus. After the death of her husband, Indra Devi moved to the US in 1947 opened a yoga studio in California and has become popular among Hollywood stars.

Among her pupils were Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, Gloria Swanson and other Hollywood actors 1940s. Books Indra Devi became a bestseller in the United States.

The American press called her "First Lady of Yoga". After the visit of Indra Devi in ​​1960 in the Soviet Union, where she met with Kosygin, Gromyko and Mikoyan, Western journalists began calling her "a woman who introduced yoga to the Kremlin»

. In 1990, Indra Devi once again came to the USSR, and in 1992 and 1994 - in Russia. Indra Devi lived up to 103 years.

In his book "Yoga for You" Indra Devi describes the principles of nutrition, who kept herself, and encouraged his disciples.

About hunger amidst plenty

"We all know that, along with air and water, food is necessary to maintain the body healthy, young and strong. Is not it ironic that the United States, the richest country in the world, suffering from malnutrition, starving in the midst of abundance ?!

Leading scientists and nutritionists believe that the main reasons for this is overeating. In our body only gets the one food that can be broken down into their constituent parts and assimilated. If the food does not meet these conditions, it becomes a poison.

The food that consumes our people, too lifeless, unnatural. As a result, the overall picture of the state of our health is looking sadder and sadder. »

About our inaction and ignorance

"We often hear that some of our friends suddenly fell ill with diabetes, asthma, thrombophlebitis or someone diagnosed with cancer, polio, arthritis, etc. We often read in the newspapers that someone in his prime was in the clinic for the mentally ill or died suddenly of a heart attack.

And they were considered perfectly healthy people. We rarely think about what happens to us - not an accident, but a natural and inevitable result of poisoning toxins accumulate in the body due to improper diet and lifestyle

. Similar news newspaper usually frighten us. But what action we are taking? "" The consequences of malnutrition is not immediately perceived as a disease. Perhaps that is why we rarely associate our progressive disease with the consumption of food.

How many knowledgeable, educated people understand that colds, fever, asthma, arthritis, polio, heart disease and mental disorders can be caused by poisoning with toxins? Very little.

Even fewer of those who would limit themselves in eating and took a cleansing diet, fasting or deep breathing system for the recovery of the body's own. »

About eccentrics

"Please do not turn this into an eccentric who says only about food, its digestion, excretion of toxins, etc.»

About your diet

"In our house on the shelf closet you will never see anything canned, sealed, bleached, refined or otherwise treated differently. Flour from whole grain substitute white flour; Brown (raw) rice - white polished rice; Honey replaces white sugar on the table and in the kitchen, even the raw sugar we try not to use.

Cocoa and chocolate are also available. Personally, I'm indifferent to desserts. I usually drink coffee beverages (chicory) with raw goat's milk, or milk from soybeans, from different collections of herbal tea, buttermilk, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, lots of fresh water with lemon or without him.

Lemon also we use instead of vinegar. We eat all kinds of seasonal vegetables combined with fresh and dried herbs, onions and garlic. »

"I myself watched almost unbelievable transformation and recovery of people who started to practice yoga, changing with your diet. I am also one of them. »

30 rules of power "Everyone will benefit from a more reasonable and balanced diet, as poor diet is slowly but surely destroying the health of all people».

Therefore, if you want to restore or maintain good health, do not neglect the following rules, I follow in my daily life.

1. Do not drink iced water, especially for food, because it violates the natural circulation of gastric juices and prevents digestion. The habit of drinking iced water - this is an American national sin to healthy digestion

. 2. Drink a glass of fresh, clean water at room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. You can add a little lemon. Hot water or herbal tea with lemon or honey in a hot summer day is very refreshing and gives a feeling of coolness.

3. Drinking is from 5 to 8 glasses of water a day.
Along with the air water is vital to us. Eight-tenths of our physical body is composed of water. On the day we allocate about 2, 5 liters of water. Water scarcity is often caused by constipation and blockage of the line (colon) cancer, liver and kidney dysfunction, as well as obstruction of the intestines.

4. Do not drink water with meals, but half an hour before or 2-3 hours after a meal, so as not to disturb the digestive process by diluting the gastric juice.

5. Drink water in small sips rather than gulp.

6. should pour water from one container to another several times to "revive" lost during the boil water elements. This water provides a light and refreshing stimulating effect, which is absent in "lifeless" and "lifeless" water.

7. It is more useful to eat fruit than drink fruit juice.

8. preparing a fresh juice of carrots, radishes, beets, etc., Add a bit of green foliage.

9. Alcohol, tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate are not recommended because caffeine and theobromine are doping (a stimulant).

10. Milk - it's food, not liquid. It should be drunk in small sips, otherwise it may happen indigestion.

11. The body nourishes not the food that we consume, but only that which it can assimilate.

12. Carefully choose the food that is most suitable. No less carefully than you choose a dress, a hat or a tie. First you need to experiment: try different foods and different combinations to choose the diet that best suits your body

. 13. Avoid all "lifeless" foods: canned food, polished rice, white flour, refined sugar. Eat brown rice, whole grain flour, brown sugar or honey. Do not get carried away with sweets, pastries, and vinegar.

14. Carefully chew food, especially rich in starch, so that it is sufficiently wetted with saliva. Otherwise, without contacting by saliva glucose, starch and settles in the stomach will decompose there for several hours.

15. Toasted (a toast) or stale bread is more useful fresh. But do not eat bread, washing it down with liquid. Let your teeth will work as it should. Please drink the liquid, and then eat the bread. In this case, the saliva will process starch into glucose.

16. Do not eat more than one starch servings at a time. For example, if you ate a serving of rice, give up bread, potatoes, pasta, pudding, etc.

17. If you are worried about a strong peristalsis, so it is recommended to make the menu to starch and protein is not consumed together, especially with sulfur-containing products, such as peas, cabbage, cauliflower, eggs, turnips, etc.

18. Do not pour the water in which cooked vegetables. It can be drunk or used for cooking soup, gravy. Potato water is also very helpful.

19. Do not throw away the tops of carrots, beets, radishes, parsnips; tie them in a bundle and put it in the soup (beet tops should first be scalded with boiling water). Once the soup is ready, throw a bundle.

20. Vegetables should be cooked in a small amount of water on low heat, better yet entirely without water in special containers for a couple.

21. Avoid fried and fatty foods, because it is absorbed more slowly than fat. The fat leaves the stomach last, carbohydrates - the first of them - proteins

. 22. All animal fats, such as lard, margarine, eggs, butter and dairy products, increase in blood cholesterol levels and may be attributed to the unnecessary fats for our organism.

23. Most of all cholesterol in the brain, liver and egg yolk; least of all - in the milk, cottage cheese and fish

. 24. Any food rich in animal fat is dangerous. A high percentage of fat and a low percentage of protein interfere with the action of enzymes.

25. Remember that in matters of nutrition and health occupies an important place not only calories and fat, but also the composition of the fat. For example, in the bacon (smoked pork belly) is not included nothing but calories, neither vitamins, nor minerals

. 26. When heating food containing any fats (including oils), several times, we make it more and more each time inedible. The same effect we get when re-using fat left in the pan or roasting food fried.

27. The most important rule, however, has no relation to the quantity and quality of food, not a method for its preparation. The most important thing - it's your attitude to the food at the time of the meal

. 28. The process of saturation should be leisurely, very important that he has brought pleasure and held in a friendly and pleasant environment of the company.

29. The food to be absorbed in a state of stress, anger or bad mood, cause toxic changes in the body. Therefore, in this state, it is better not to sit down at the table and wait for the mood to normal.

30. Try to avoid unpleasant conversations at mealtimes. Beautifully decorated table makes the meal even more enjoyable, as well as a smile, a cheerful conversation, a beautiful flower or a pattern. Bless your food and let it bring you joy. Bad news should never speak for a meal or just before eating. It may harm not only digestion, but also throughout the body. »

In an interview with 93-year-old Indra Devi so he talked about his diet:

"For many years I have been a vegetarian, I eat one, sometimes twice a day. After waking up drink 200 ml of water with lemon, seasoned night.

At breakfast - a cup of soy milk or coffee cereals

. Few almonds and raisins. Grapefruit and orange - eat white subcortex and partly from the outer peel

. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits of the season and I drink vegetable juices. Before going to bed - a glass of water

. Sometimes lunch: vegetable soup or a green salad or a cooked or uncooked vegetable or a portion of any of the following foods: brown unpolished rice, soy yogurt, baked potatoes in their skins with vegetable oil or soy sauce

. Sometimes it can be a cup of coffee from grains with honey, tomato and cheese, or egg yolk, or yogurt with honey and germinated wheat grains. "


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