America is hopelessly behind

Nice, probably represent technologically and economically highly developed powers. Vaughn had lived ten years, US Ambassador to Estonia, poobvyksya local realities, accustomed to a certain level of service and technical development. And then returned to the US and was unpleasantly surprised by how his own country, it appears, has lagged behind in terms of technology from the state, recently vynyrnuvshego because of the "Iron Curtain." Say, in Estonia and documents certified by electronic signature, and wireless internet is available for free almost everywhere, is not that in the United States. Well, about the free wireless - it is really a low blow. Over our internal Ukrainian realities it differently as a mockery and look something can not.
Later in his blog, Mr. Polt walked across the public services of America as a whole, which, they say, behind the modern requirements, and on the Department of Motor Vehicles, in particular. Complained that he had to spend two hours (!) On the registration number plates. While in Estonia, this procedure takes about two minutes (!!) insert your ID card in the machine - and ready. Once on this background to insert my two cents worth, in that it results in us, looks like something out of place. But still. If States "hopelessly" behind, then where are we? And did not start to move?


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