200-year history of the wedding dress: these pictures will surprise any modern bride!

White dress, white veil! This is the main outfit in any woman's life, but how little we know about him. It is much smaller than the rest of the clothes! Dresses, the most similar to modern, appeared in the era of Napoleon. Prior to this in the history of the wedding costume something unimaginable happened - it seems that this dress was part of the special rituals. Heavy fabrics and strange silhouettes say that the concept of the beautiful wedding dress as relative as the idea of ​​beauty in general. Enjoy a historical excursion into the past, looking at old wedding dresses.

1. Queen Victoria 1840 g of. This Victoria introduced the fashion for white and cream colors met before the wedding dresses of other shades.

2. America 1808 g of. white dress worn only young girls, widows and older women prefer muted tones, even in formal attire.

3. England 1834 g of. handmade embroidery.

4. France 1837 g of. A very merry colors!

5. Angia, in 1857. So that's where the fashion in the vast, lush wedding dresses ...

6. France 1865 g of. It's hard to imagine a more elegant shoes.

7. France 1874 g of. The dress is quite cumbersome, this style of wedding dresses reigned among an impressive period of time.

8. America 1874 g of. color looks very original!

9. England 1887 g of. fan - also part of the attire.

10. America 1889 g of. There is already a more modern style, there is no aggravating bottom. But the sleeve - it is something!

11. England, in 1899. Gariet Joyce - regular maid, who married 35 years. She decided that her white dress to anything and chose here is the color scheme. Staple a dress herself, she made history. It looks very cute outfit!

12. France 1901 g of. Openwork lingerie and corset lace-up ... Yes, now such structures do not.

13. England 1905 g of. the incredible beauty of the wedding corset!

14. America 1906 g of. That dress with shiny elements.

15. England 1921 g of. Antique Style is always important.

16. England 1934 g of. Charles James created the copyright wedding dress, paying special attention to the cut.

17. France 1935 g of. What a gentle color!

18. England 1938 g of. Maurice Monica doted on cars, airplanes and red. She was the only woman who was admitted to the Association of Mining Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and remained there until 1978. She even married, and that her dress.

19. England 1940 g of. and intricate dress jacket.

20. England 1941 g of. dress from curtains. It is not surprising - the war ...

21. America, 1950 g of. The youth version of the wedding dress.

22. England, 1950 g of. designer dress with a large bow.

23. America, 1955 g of. Lace, lace ...

24. England, 1955 g of. Elegant Dress unusual color.

25. France, 1957 g of. Vintage dress with embroidery.

26. England, 1960 g of. in a narrow fashion tailoring.

27. 1964 dress by Dior.

28. England, 1979 g of.

29. France, 1980 g of.

30. 1990 g of. dress by Karl Lagerfeld.

31. 1995 g of. dress by Christian Lacroix.

32. 2000 g of. Yohji Yamamoto. How lovely!

33. USA, 1985 g of. These dresses appear in the collections of contemporary designers - fashion returns.

Of course, this is only a small part of the history of wedding dresses. The dress can tell so much about what people lived in the old days! It's amazing how different idea of ​​formal wear in different countries. But what unites all the wedding dress together, is the fact that their most carefully selected ... Show all acquaintances these dresses brides, their interest is for sure.

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