Immediately throw these foods out of the fridge! Save health for themselves and their loved ones!

Benefits and harms of products - a topic on which we can talk endlessly. Some people prefer to stand at the stove all day long, trying to prepare the "freshest, piping hot." Others justify their love of harmful food its rich taste and ease of preparation (and sometimes even the lack of it). However, it happens and so that the most innocuous at first glance, the product is not just harmful, but in the literal sense of death! Today editors have prepared for you a selection of the most harmful products that are eaten simply unacceptable!

1. Oil 73%

It can not be there in any case. It's not butter, but a real trans fats - vegetable oil is low grade, broken hydrogen. Remember: butter is never less than 82, 5%. If you can not buy it, it is best to use vegetable. Eating foods containing trans fats, reduces the body's ability to confront stress, increases the risk of depression, lowers immunity, impairs vision and the work of the digestive system.

Foods that contain trans fats, too:

margarine; soft butter, mix butter and vegetable oils; refined vegetable oil; mayonnaise; ketchup; fries (from fast food); confections: pies, cakes, cookies, crackers, for the manufacture of which used cooking oil; snacks (chips, popcorn); frozen foods.

2. Salted herring in plastic containers

Fish is stored only in oil, but not in vinegar or wine. If herring without oil, so it is better not to buy, because it contains a hazardous substance methenamine, which is prohibited by the addition of the world (formed by the reaction of ammonia with formaldehyde).

3. Caviar Salted

The same principle - Eggs stored long (only silnosolenaya or frozen). If sold salted, then it is added or methenamine, or citric acid. It can be added to something else, but the output still turns formaldehyde. This substance is dangerous that causes inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory system, provokes the appearance of asthma and allergy.

Genetically modified foods:

crab sticks; cocoa; peanuts (implanted gene of petunias - terribly poisonous substance, due to which the peanuts do not eat even insects); Import potatoes; green peas (preserved); corn (canned); corn flakes and cereals with sugar. < /If you buy corn flakes or sticks, then take not sweet. Sugars not used in the production - it burns at a temperature of 140 degrees. Instead manufacturers use sugar substitutes in this case - cyclamate.

4. Kashi cereals and with the flavors and colors (identical to natural)

Taste and aroma of pears, strawberries, bananas ... reached unhealthy chemicals. Long-term use of products containing high concentrations of artificial flavors, can adversely affect the liver and metabolism, provoke diseases of the cardiovascular system.

5. Lollipops (barberry)

Now used as a strong chemical essence, that if a little soaked candy left on the tablecloth, it will burn through it. It is terrible to imagine what happens when the resorption of candy in the stomach.
6. Jam and marmalade

It is a powerful antioxidant. Never Cherry could not survive in such an original form. And nothing to do with the products, which was produced in the Soviet Union, has no current marmalade. It's just the wonders of the chemical industry.

7. Products on a "just add water»

Instant noodles; instant soups, mashed potatoes; bouillon cubes; soluble juices such as "Jupiter" and "Zuko" . ! Everything is solid chemicals harmful to the body.

8. Meat substitutes

summer sausage; sausage; sausages; cooked sausage; pate. of genetically modified soybean, as the meat in these products is not more than 5%. Everything else - gel (karatinin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). By the way, the sausage "as before" no one smokes. For this purpose, liquid smoke which again formaldehyde.

9. Dairy products long shelf life

All that is stored more than 2 weeks, it is impossible to use.

10. Rolls, muffins, scones and other baked products in packages

Yes, these buns in packages not stale, do not spoil, do not dry. They do nothing! They will be based on the month, and a month later they will be the same as today.

11. Overseas teas, flavored teas and many of our

Drink only natural tea, which does not swim and there is extra flavor. All flavored teas contain or citric acid, or acid orange, or even some acid. Habituation occurs instantly.

12. Refined deodorized oil

This oil can not be used raw in salads. Oil produced by factories is obviously not intended for the use of the product. These oils do not carry any good digestive system and choke her work by blocking the fatty substance, all the processes of digestion.

13. Sweet drinks

The mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases can hardly be considered useful. Moreover, without exception, sodas are harmful because of the high concentration of sugar (the equivalent of 4-5 teaspoons per cup of water). So do not be surprised if such a thirst quenching soda, you have five minutes again want to drink.

14. Juices in packages

About any natural juices, in this case we are not talking. Natural juices in packages simply do not exist! And do not you dare drink their children, it is pure chemistry.

Of course, this is an indicative list of products on which we recommend to abandon completely. And here it is to do it or not, it's up to you. But remember that on your choice depends not only on health and physical activity, and life! Always refer friends to this article and choose just the right products.

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