Mixed marriage

American artist of Korean origin CYJO created a series of portraits, which considered,
ethnicity determines human personality and as representatives of different races
coexist within the family.

CYJO was born in South Korea and grew up in the United States, a series of portraits of "mixed blood» (Mixed Blood)
she created from 2010 to 2013 in New York and Beijing. Photographer says that one of the reasons she started the project, it is a curiosity. It was interesting to trace the manifestation of "ethnic mixing" in countries such as China, where the modernization of society continues in line with a combination of a new culture with a long tradition.
Although there are people who are afraid of cultural mixing. Cyjo concludes that the idea of ​​a global identity and our self-determination, culture and race is rooted in the experience of life and personal choice. In the series "mongrels» CYJO wanted to portray a constantly changing definition of race and explore the uniqueness of the individual in the family.

Family Chandola, 2013 Citizenship: India, Korea. Ancestors, Indians, Koreans. Languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Hindi. Living in Beijing.

Family Snodgrass, 2013, citizenship: America, China. The ancestors of the Germans, the Chinese, the Irish. Languages: English, Mandarin. Living in China since 1999.

Family Walter, 2010 Citizenship: America, Germany. Ancestors: African Americans, American Indians, Bahamians, French, Germans. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish. Living in New York City.

Family Kishimoto, 2013 Nationality: China, Japan. Ancestors: Chinese, Japanese. Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, English. Living in Beijing.

Family Casarosa, 2010 Citizenship: America, Italy, Korea. Ancestors: Italians, Koreans. Languages: English, Italian, Korean. Living in New York City.

Family Huang Rierson, 2013, citizenship, America, Belgium. Ancestors: the French, the Chinese, the Germans, the Irish, the Scots. Languages: Mandarin, French, English. Living in Beijing.

Family of James, 2010 citizenship: America. Ancestors: American Indian, Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, German, Irish, Japanese, Prussia. Languages: English, French, Pidgin English (a mixture of English, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino). Living in New York City.

Family Doyle, 2010 American citizenship. Ancestors: Africans, American Indians, Creoles, Cubans, French, Irish. Languages: English, Spanish, French. Living in New York City.

Source: cameralabs.org


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