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What is for us electricity? Even if we set aside the postulate of Mr. Lenin's electrification and all related jokes, it turns out that is still very, very much. For example, when a couple of weeks ago, during the first snowfall in many towns and settlements disappeared very light, people had very, very hard times. Two of my friends just the whole house-communal - heating, water - from electricity. Veselukha she was still, when two days without electricity in the house temperature dropped to 9.8 degrees. Thank you, still frosts hit. In general, the faces of civilization.
By the way, this is confirmed by some NASA images. In a sense, the most developed areas of our present civilization shine much brighter underdeveloped areas. There is no fear of contradiction to these images to determine the current level of development of individual regions. (Because even such highly developed countries like Canada and Australia have focused areas of its high development within relatively small areas. What can we say about the developing counterparts. However, what to say - you are looking at.

Learn old Europe? Therefore, in order. By the way, we are on it rather dull look.

This Japan

Asia Minor and the Middle East

Eurasia. That'S Funny. So much darkness.


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