Threat to Holland

The Lord, and in fact the country of tulips and legalayza in the near future will have to work hard on the problem of security. And the threat comes not from the champions of morality or organization "World without ...". All on the one hand easier and on the other - much more serious.
About half of the Netherlands lies below sea level. And all this quite picturesque densely populated area is protected from the sea system of dams. Another is about a third of the height of not more than one meter above sea level. So that even a slight rise in sea levels could significantly change the geography of the North Sea coast. Dams, of course, a good thing, but ... For example, even Crimean coastal towns have a range of heights from 0 to 200 meters (Yalta) or from 0 to 100 meters (Sevastopol) and so on. That is, there are solid elevation.
And here and run-in which case there is no place special. Is that a dam build on. And Antarctica begins to melt all the more intense. And Greenland's glaciers to join her in solidarity. So gentlemen projected oceanographers soon have the time (in historical scale) can come great tryndets.
Che is a pity. Good country. Peter I again went there wits. And football there in order. And people are hilarious. Maybe levies greenhouse effect as well? And we will then, as the bear.


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