7 evidence that the Netherlands - a country of the future

Netherlands has long been known for its ambitious projects, from time to time make the world stand still in awe.

We are in the Website believe that all States should take an example from this country. At least these 7 achievements.

1. It is the only country in the world where there are no stray animals

Recently, it was officially confirmed that it is not left abandoned cats and dogs in the Netherlands. The authorities have achieved this without causing them absolutely no harm: they gave the animals their own right and quite seriously punish people who abuse their pets or throw them

2.. In the Netherlands, for the first time there were bike lanes and highways with solar panels

The project entitled SolaRoad arose as a result of the joint efforts of government, private industry and universities. The first part of the track was opened in 2015. Its length is not more than 100 meters, and this is a huge breakthrough in the construction of the future road. The idea is that solar energy generated by the road, used for street lighting, mechanical and electrical charge of vehicles.

3. Station for charging electric vehicles are every 50 meters

One of Holland's greatest strengths - sustainable mobility. Therefore, in an attempt to completely abandon the automobile fuel by the authorities power plants have been installed everywhere, which are vital to citizens, using a new generation of cars.

4. In the Netherlands, there is a city in which no one uses car.

Dutch town of Houten was recognized as the safest place in the world. In the early 1980s, the 4,000 inhabitants of the city have taken a strategic decision - to encourage citizens to use cycling, gradually wean them get behind the wheel of the car for any reason. So imperceptibly almost all the inhabitants of the town cycling became a habit.

5. The authorities have introduced a gradual ban on the use of fuel cars

In just 9 years old, in 2025, the Dutch government is planning to ban the country's cars for diesel and gasoline engines. In addition, the Netherlands abolished the tax on personal vehicle to alternative fuel sources, causing the cars became cheaper by 15,000 euros.

6. In the Country due to the lack of prison inmates are closed

In the Netherlands for a long time carried out a thorough work to reduce the crime rate, which brings the state successful results. Since 2009, due to lack of prison inmates 19 were closed in the Netherlands. According to recent data, 100 000 people in the country the number of 163 criminal, that is half less than in Brazil.

7. In Holland there ekoduki - special bridges for animals living in the forest

One of the priorities of the Dutch authorities - protection of wild animals. To the animals could pass highways without endangering their own lives, a few special bridges were built in the country that allow the forest dwellers to move safely from one piece of wood to another.

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