In the Netherlands, the raw food diet is recognized official medicine treatment for cancer

Few people know that in the Netherlands in 1987. The Ministry of Health has recognized the raw food diet official method of treatment of cancer.

Doctor Cornelius Moerman

Dutch physician Cornelius Moerman long studied cancer problem. He tried everything! But the only effective cure was simple like all brilliant. Using food patients fresh fruits, vegetables and natural juices, as well as periodic starvation, the doctor cure nearly all patients. But Dr. Moerman would not be able to achieve such success alone. Significant support him have: double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling (CA), and winner of the Nobel Prize G. Domack

. Recognition medicine

On the stunning results of treatment Moerman learned the Dutch government and the Ministry of Health was established Commission for confirmation of this fact.

Strict state commission logged cure 115 people out of 150 cancer patients, accounting for almost 77% cured. The remaining patients received substantial relief.


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