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Smile of a man - not always a sign of good mood or a special arrangement to the other party. Quite often, this elementary desire to look socially adapted. "Watch it! I smile. I'm all good. I love you all. "Well, something that, according to the media, should carry a smile. It does not always corresponds with actions but that's another topic.
But in the animal world smile - is a threat. Specific such address. (It is true that some people smile more expressive in this regard). And scheryatsya little creatures not of good feelings, and warning. What's the next step will be unpleasant for the recipient.
But looking at this little miracle of nature, it is difficult to believe that his smile lies any threat or aggression. When you look at it from the very mouth spreads from ear to ear. This Quokka - short-tailed kangaroo. And he smiles always. When eating. When he sleeps. When just looking. Walking positive. Very good-natured and completely helpless animal to predators. Therefore survived on small islands around Australia and the mainland in isolated areas where there are no cats and foxes. He himself was the size of a large cat - about half a meter in length. Plus, the tail 30 centimeters. The kids, as well as other marsupials, helpless - born slpymi and overgrown with auricles. Oh, and dive into the bag, and begin to see where.
Honestly, something on Galustjana smacks





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