The EU is against testing cosmetics on animals

The famous Corporation "Procter and Gamble"? Consumers, first and foremost, remember it is the most popular products — Fairy, Tide, Ariel, Lenor, Comet, Fairy, Mr. Proper, Pampers, Wash & Go, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Shamtu, Herbal Essense, Wella, Londa, Camay, Safeguard, Old Spice, Blend-a-Med, Oral-B, Max Factor and many others. But environmentalists will tell you that the American industrial giant famous for 50 thousands of animals that die each year in its laboratories…

The European Union long ago abandoned such practices, intends to ban the import and trade of cosmetic and hygienic products, have passed tests on animals. The new law was in development since 2009 and will come into force on 11 March – that is, a month later.

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About this decision of the Commissioner of health of the European Union Tonio Borg (Tonio Borg) announced on January 30 representatives of companies "Body Shop" and the international non-profit organization "Cruelty Free International" leaders of the movement for ending the testing of cosmetics on animals.

Tonio Borg confirms that the new rules will come into force without any delay and will be applied to all without exception, personal hygiene and toilet accessories – from wrinkle cream to toothpaste. "This decision means we must step up our efforts in development, validation and acceptance of alternative methods as well as in their international recognition," writes the Commissioner.

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Michelle TeV (Michelle Thew), Executive Director of "Cruelty Free International", called the ban a truly historic event and the culmination of more than 20 years of struggle against cruel treatment of animals. Firm "The Body Shop" on the path of foot 17 years ago when its founder, Anita Roddick (Anita Roddick) has collected as many as 4 million signatures defenders of our smaller brethren, and in 1996 joined the European Coalition to end animal experiments.

However, in retrospect the desire to protect animals from inhumane treatment originated in the bowels of society much earlier — the world's first law in the protection of experimental animals was adopted in 1878 in the UK. In France, the first society of the opponents of vivisection was headed by Victor Hugo, and his views were shared by such famous personalities as Charles Darwin, George Bernard Shaw, Robert burns, Leo Tolstoy and many others.

Now the "Body Shop" and "Cruelty Free International" begin a series of special commemorative action in the countdown to March 11 – celebrating the victory! Paul mcgreevy (McGreevy, Paul), the international Director of "Body Shop", thanked customers who supported the green initiative for many years. According to him, this great success in Europe — only the ending of one Chapter in the campaign against vivisection. "The future of beauty must be free from cruelty," he said.

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In the UK a ban on the use of animals in testing of cosmetics since the mid 1990-ies. In the countries of the European Union such a ban has existed since 1998. Last year a nationwide ban on the sale and import of cosmetic products tested on animals, established Israel. Every year more and more companies refuse to use animals, including "Lush", "Oriflame", "Yves Rocher", "Avon", "Avon", "Green Mama", etc. the more people realize that their options are based on a life, the quicker ill corporations will have to change their thinking and behaviour.

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"Now we are ready to apply our determination and point of view on the world stage in order for the rest of the world followed the example of the EU," says Michelle TeV. New European legislation should be an example for other countries – and especially those in the deep environmental crisis China, which still requires mandatory testing on animals.

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