Why not take a nap

Subject sleep on the job, judging by the number of references to it in the network, very alive and topical. Well, when there is demand, then sooner or later you are prompted. Well, actually, because uncomfortable probably sleep with his head in his hands, or directly on the table. Zatekut hands, his head firmly - Full discomfort and defective vacation. You can certainly try to put under his head anything from office equipment - a pile of paper or a roll there pupyrchatoy polyethylene, but also somehow not on Feng Shui is obtained.
Kawamura Ganivian designer came to the aid of those who suffer and who want to take a nap, where there are no suitable conditions for this. Let's face it, in terms of design as such, that is, the appearance of the product, the solution is quite controversial. And that's putting it mildly. I do not know what to compare this bag. Association, you know. But in terms of functionality - Full openwork. Head with hands in complete comfort, as required by the product. Well, look ... So I will let you in on a little secret. Only no one else. People willing to sleep on the office, and in any other public place, so the drum appearance similar devices that demand for it is possible not to worry. Will buy. So that we can congratulate the inventor with a good solution as a complex issue.


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