15 garden of inventions, which is worth a look

Hard to believe that we are still without these incredible things. But the idea of them is simple, as all ingenious. Moreover, there is a feeling that the 15 "friends of the gardener" in our dreams and created. The good news is that most of these inventions are easy to implement.

1. The original molds for fruit and vegetables

Alas, not all and not always successful experiments with garden exotic. However, such molds exotics can be obtained even from the usual vegetables and fruit. The fact is that the ovaries develop on the inside of the nozzles, gradually take their shape. Cutting out these vegetables looks amazing!

Important: boxes are reusable, as they have a "lock" that opens easily. You can try to create something similar out of small plastic bottles. For this you need to cut the top and bottom of the bottle, and the remainder cut so as to obtain a smooth "canvas." Then fold the plastic in the accordion and to give it the desired shape. Nozzles ready.

2. Temporary garden paths


A good idea is a temporary path that appears there and then, where and when it is most needed. Most often it is used after rain showers on lawns, flower beds and beds. The result:

  • wheel suburban cars do not make a rut on the wet ground,
  • the grass is not damaged,
  • mulch not clinging to the dirty shoes.
The design of the track allows her to do smooth curves, so decorative and utilitarian possibilities of this useful findings are quite extensive. After use it is removed to storage. To make such a path difficult, if you take the wooden Board and handle special tool from moisture.

3. Car cushion clamp for burnt by the sun


This is perhaps the most amazing invention for long distance travel to the village. This cushion clip fits easily over the head, creating a comfortable and relaxing bedtime atmosphere. You in the "house" in General is quite convenient. By the way, according to the designer, this pillow can replace a scarf in cold weather. For the needle, such a model will not be a problem: stitch wide ring, condensed polyester batting or other soft material.

4. Multifunctional "bucket"

There are miracles, when the bucket — no bucket, and multifunction something. This watering can, basket, and bag, and a container for toys, in the end. Need to wash paws puppy, collect fallen leaves or cut grass, water the flowers, and maybe tidy children's room? Easy! Nice candy color of this invention, we will leave without comments. No, it is impossible to resist — they are delicious! Man-made alternative to such a miracle can be a bucket bag of waterproof material, which top and bottom to shape fortified with two rings.

5. A new look at protection of your knees

The first was a simple knee tightly woven later came the outdoor rugs, chairs and many other tricks. It's the invention all the advantages of the progenitors of added pen-rests which are height adjustable. Sit down/stand up without any help, even if I had to work the whole day. Want to just relax? Put the pens down. A soft landing is ready! Now look at it from the practical side. Such a stand under the knee with a comfortable cushion and handles can be built independently. She will not be space, but if you try, you can create an amazing thing.

6. Log splitter, clicking the logs as nuts

Chopping wood will be easier and more fun, because the power of this log splitter is not discussed. This device can be stationary, ie firmly nailed to the pole, or Hiking — then it is attached to any tree using a special belt. Do not forget about safety. This invention only country professionals.

7. "Stop escaping" for curious dogs

To enjoy a life of ease in the country should be allowed and our four-legged Pets. However, to the exercise yard did not end with the ad about the missing dog, buy or make such restriction of available funds. Thirsty for knowledge of the world of Pets is mandatory country "gadget". The main thing that your dog got used to him and didn't resist. Manners in dogs are different.

8. Armlets, gardening

To protect hands you need not only gloves, and long sleeves. During planting they will be a shield from the stinging nettles, sharp twigs, thorns of roses, insects and even poisonous plants. "Bulletproof" fabric, elasticity and convenience are the three pillars on which rests the success of this invention. Wishing to sew these sleeves need to remember that the fabric should be very tight.

9. The original catcher of rain water

Fun rain pounding on the roof, and the head gardener busy thinking about how not to lose precious moisture. To keep the water from escaping under the house eroding the soil and Potapova the Foundation drain pipe put on special vinyl sleeve. There's dozens of holes expel water slowly and at. At home for the manufacture of such sleeves it is possible to use a dense film that is well glued.

10. Forever "living" camouflage bushes

Unit of the air conditioner, the basement, the hood and other unsightly items can ruin the look of even a well-equipped area. To hide them easily under such bushes, woven of faux twigs. Masking is just great: and technology well and eye-pleasing. Needed to camouflage the bushes the items you can pick up in store decorative things for the garden .

11. Harvest collecting device is master high-rise Affairs


Recently hit country crafts steel plodosemniki of plastic bottles. A good thing, but look at this picture carefully. Perhaps the new design of the "Cup" with the bent ends of the wire you will be impressed. It is these "hooks" help to capture the naughty fruit, firmly standing on the branch. Just improve his invention.

12. Mobile stand for flowers


Large flowers in containers conveniently placed on a mobile stand with wheels. This will allow you to move them to the site effortlessly. In addition, you can easily create garden composition, which previously never dreamed of. Options to create these coasters at home.

13. Protective mesh hood for the products

Towels and napkins, shyly covering on the table of sandwiches and cakes — little protection from annoying flies. More effective in this case, cute mesh-caps. Their original design can become a real decoration of the table. So join!

14. Portable rack for hose

Watering plants is an important part of the work of any vacationer. The hose is not coiled, not tangled and was always ready to use, this handy stand. It is, among other things, will increase the service life of the hose. Design can be very different. To a greater extent, it dictates the existing design of the site.

15. Pocket miracle пила

Convenient thing in the economy, and for walks in the woods is interesting. This saw is very sharp, it can cut even dry branches that are high up in a tree. To do this to the handles of the saw rope is tied. One edge fill up the tree, then pulled up a saw and sawing. In exactly the same way the saw is returned to the ground. You can try to make such a saw, however, an important role is played by the quality of her "paintings".

Dear gardeners, the majority of subjects included in this list, very original in its essence and at the same time very simple in execution. Don't be afraid to experiment, go ahead, invent their own useful inventions! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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