Jean Beliveau: around the world in 11 years

Two years before Jean started his unusual journey, he was an ordinary average canadian. Mr. Beliveau was a small business shop, specializing in neon signs. Family life Belive was peaceful and calm until the events of 1998, when Canada has been a natural disaster – Ice storm. This event changed the lives of Canadians, including the life of Jean. Cataclysm completely destroyed the small shop that was the main reason for the development of the man of banal depression. Time passed, but neither wife Lucy, no children, no friends could not "pull" Jean of the melancholic state. As he later wrote in his book – "This most likely was the proverbial midlife crisis".

And then one day waking up, Jean told his wife that he wants to travel around the world. Lucy, of course was delighted with this idea of her husband, but when he told me that he wanted to make the journey on foot but still single, she thought that her husband just wants to get away from her.

After many family councils Jean is still going in your journey. Lucy suggested that husband linked his planned walk around the planet with the Declaration of the United Nations, because 2000-2010 was announced as the decade dedicated to bringing peace to the children of the Earth.

18 Aug 2000, Jean decided to start a journey: he took the passport, $ 4,000, some food, water and first aid kit. How far can it go? How could he make sense of life, the search for the "meaning of life"?

Many adventures and thousands of people came to Mr. Beliveau. It was a difficult, and at times, difficult journey. His father died when he was in Belgium and he missed the birth of two grandchildren. And he saw his wife only for a short time each year while he was away (Lucy flew to him 1 time a year for just 2 weeks). Jean has been on all continents and in total was 75.5 thousand kilometers.

The search for the meaning of life the loonie was conducted in 64 countries, where it has worn down 49 pairs of shoes, met 4 Nobel prize winners, including Nelson Mandela. He danced and sang with children in Malaysia, studied a lot of anecdotes in different countries, learned what the kindness of strangers. Mr. Beliveau also 2 teeth treated – in Egypt and Australia, got a pair of sunglasses in India and even was in the Department of emergency surgery in Algeria – it was all free.

This trip really changed the attitude of the Jean to yourself, life and others. He wrote a book and has its own web site where fun to interact with all the guests.

After walking around the planet with Jean not depressed. And his favorite phrase has become: "People have different cultures, different religions but they really are the same everywhere — they all want the same things and have the same dreams." published


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