Everything in order, or what is the "Night of advertising devourers"

As mere spectators, we sometimes admire the beauty and special effects commercials as ordinary consumers are sometimes annoyed persuasive advertising campaigns. But none of us could imagine that on their own and with great pleasure year after year, we will strive to get to the "Night of devourers of advertising" where big-screen spinning commercials for several hours. At night ...

Jean Marie Bursiko - an eccentric genius, a man without age, who 30 years ago started doing things which are not smart enough or enterprising businessmen, nor the progressive minds of the era of cinematography. And it was so ...
Jean Marie - born in Marseilles, from childhood loved the movie. As a boy, he ran every day in your favorite cinema Chambord. Bursiko liked to sit in the last row just under the window projectionist. The boy was fascinated strёkot film projector and the delicious smell of the heated film, which came out of the window.
After the session, Jean-Marie took a long walk in the evening Marcel scrolling in his head the most striking episodes from just seen the movie. On one of the streets Jean Marie entailing felt a familiar scent. It turns out that he did not notice that was back in front of a cinema Chambord, only from the service entrance. A divine smell came from large tin cans, which were thrown out of film ...
In the 1960s, commercials pasted to the beginning of the film for a period which stipulates the contract between the owner of the cinema and the advertiser. After the expiration of the contract with a piece of film advertising was cut and discarded as useless.
Jean-Marie could not admit to a film strip, which he treated with reverence, finished its existence in the city dump.
Little was the altruist to drag the clipping to his home and put them in a box from under the shoe that started collecting dust under the bed. How many times my mother tried to force his son to get rid of this "stuff" - Monsieur Bursiko today and remember. But the "battles" were in a life-and-death. Madame Bursiko, in the end, gave a wave of his hand on his son.
And Jean-Marie and did not understand why he collects all these films? I am going and everything.

At the end of 1970 it is not Jean-Marie, and Monsieur Jean-Marie Bursiko - young businessman, came up with an ambitious idea of ​​how to use your "kinohlam" dusty under the bed. Perhaps the original idea dreamed Bursiko as Mendeleev his table. Otherwise it is difficult to explain. Jean-Marie decided to advertise on the big screen for the whole night!
In 1981, at their own risk by renting Paris "Kinopanorama" he gave the premiere titled «La Nuit des Publivores» («Night reklamoyadnyh") with the subtitle: "Treats". On that distant first "Night" surprised the audience saw five blocks consisting exclusively of the unique "delicious" commercials, created from 1935 to 1981.
It turns out that watching a few hours alone advertising, and even at night - it is fascinating. Only here in the morning the people had spent the night in Paris spring cinema, very hungry. Bursiko provided and it: he treated the audience tired early breakfast of freshly baked croissants and coffee.

Then Bursiko talk about his genuine surprise to the fact that the audience has come to such adventurous activities. But the very next year, the Paris public, get to the core "treat" from advertising, has arranged a crush at the cash register "Kinopanorama." I had instead of one "Night" to organize two in a row.
Since 1982, the "Night of advertising devourers" began its journey around the world, which has not ended to this day ...


The exact date when the disparate Stored in old cardboard boxes, rolls, collected over many years Bursiko, turned into a real collection, history is silent. But anyway, she was born, organize, and became known as the "Cinémathèque" Jean Marie Bursiko.
Today, "Cinematheque" - is the world's largest private collection of commercials, created from 1898 to 2011, more than one million units. It is so grandiose that "Cinematheque" could not help but notice the statesmen of France, and a collection of Bursiko was recognized a national treasure of the Republic.
Not only France appreciated the "Cinematheque". To store the "Cinémathèque" the Swiss government has allocated Jean Marie Bursiko ancient castle. In Switzerland itself Bursiko moved to be closer to the child.
Once Jean Marie himself ran for advertising agencies, begging for their new video collection. But for many years the agency themselves Bursiko send all their new video, secretly hoping that at least one of them will enter into another program "Night».
Every year, "Cinematheque" is expanded to 25-30 thousand commercials.



The name "Night of devourers of advertising" or mentally aplodiruesh for creative showiness or wincing misunderstanding. Especially "hits" on the brain and eyes the word "eater."
But still there is a simple explanation. "Night of devourers of advertising" - the name is not the Russian-speaking, and adapted from the French. «La Nuit des Publivores» (literally "Night reklamoyadnyh") - both native French project and registered brand.
Since then, as the "Night" for the first time to travel outside of France, needed, of course, translation of the title into English. It was easy: «The Night of the AD Eaters». «Night» - this "night», AD - short for «advertising» («advertising»), «eaters» - «consumers."
Still, "constructive" English does not allow the imagination to roam. Whether it is our native, powerful ... options - the sea. And after long suffering the decision was made. In Russia, will take place "Night of advertising devourers»! Do not "sink", not "eaters", not "consumers", not "eats" not "chewing", namely the "guzzlers". Because only true "eaters" can swallow the advertising that is shown non-stop on the big screen throughout the night.



"Night of devourers of advertising" - is not only and not so much to show commercials. This - and large-scale cultural event that begins long before the entrance hall with the audience in a movie screen. "Night" - a holiday! And what a feast can be without music, artists, bright colors, delicious drinks and a beautiful design? And so every time.
Upon entering the foyer of the cinema or a concert hall, where the "Night", guests, audiences immediately enter into a multi-faceted show, where everyone can choose something for your taste. You can participate in competitions, photographed against bulls-eye, to see fashion shows, enjoy the laser show, to receive gifts from sponsors and partners of the project.
It is to visit the "Night" had time to realize what is happening around, they come for a couple of hours before the actual show.
In each country, "Night" takes on specific features. For Muslim countries, the program is adjusted according to the national and religious traditions. In Latin America, the audience is more interested in what is going on outside the room: dancing, fun, drums.
In Russia, it is amazing "Night" that no one will ever be able to repeat. That is why Monsieur Bursiko so loved our Motherland. This year, we are waiting for World Premiere: Moscow will begin with a procession of "Night" by the world. The program of the show until recently kept secret, but that it will be a bright, exciting spectacle, no doubt.



Why should a man a holiday? Just because! Because excess "Night", which elevates mood, are not redundant ...

Welcome to the world premiere of "Night of devourers of advertising" in Crocus City Hall, April 18. Gathering guests at 22:00.

Tickets can be purchased here




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