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'33 Consecutive "Night of advertising devourers" triumphal march around the world, having won 50 countries. This unprecedented, the longest and most massive actions related to the display of advertisements in a non-stop, as recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
More than 20 years ago to the number of dedicated and joined Russian viewers. Today, this has already become a cult classic, the project covers 40 cities in Russia. During this time, the first viewers of our show have grown children, and old friends of "Night" come with their entire families.
This year, Moscow will host the world premiere of the show, Moscow will be the first city in the world, which will take place "Night of advertising devourersĀ».
The event will be held on April 18, 2014 in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall.

"Night of devourers of advertising" - a project designed to introduce advertising as a work of art. In the meantime, before that momentous event is a little more than a week, we present our top ten films to advertising.

Prior to becoming a sophisticated artist Jean Dujardin worked for a large advertising agency, dabbled in cocaine, he seduced women bundles and in a penny did not put colleagues. Until finally he finally blew off the roof, and he did not rebel against the system, so long it is fed. Filmed on the novel by Frederic Beigbeder, the film "99 Francs" is the advertising business grotesque and ruthless, but always bright. To survive in it and not get crazy - not an easy task.

Babel Tatar - a man with psyche, hardened restructuring, it is not so easy to drive mad. For the invention of advertising moves he does not eschew the methods of change of consciousness, even the most exotic. And hallucinations it each time becoming more and more intricate. The advertising business for the hero of the novel by Victor Pelevin Victor Ginzburg and film - is the environment in which you can earn good money. In the minds of Vavilov in this process is often mingled with philosophical questions, to which he is rarely unambiguous answers.

Continuing the theme of mental ill-health of employees of the advertising business. She became interested in director Tony Bill, the owner of "Oscar" for the film "The Sting." The protagonist - the adman Emory Leeson (played by Dudley Moore), who was the best in the business, has not yet gone mad and decided to create a truthful advertising. For which he was in a psychiatric hospital. But it turns out, there may be live! Bill does not dramatize the theme of madness on his character, but on the contrary, he turns the subject into a merry jest.

The plot of the film remotely smacks of Gogol's "The Nose." Only humanoid creature becomes the nose, and the boil. He took his master's in advertising agencies and offers a revolutionary way to move funds from boils. Of course, it is better to know. Bruce Robinson made a film on his own script. As a writer, he was nominated for "Oscar" in 1985. And later he took "The Rum Diary" by Hunter S. Thompson book with Johnny Depp in the title role.

And again on the abnormal, but now in the figurative sense of the word. Mad Men - so call themselves top managers of the advertising business with Madison Avenue. In the five seasons of "Mad Men" was awarded four "Golden Globe". The life of a New York advertising agency 1960s captured millions of viewers around the world. The dramatic twists and turns and retroanturazh - a win-win combination. The premiere of the sixth season of the series creators promise April 7, 2013.

Another retrodrama of advertisers, but now is not modern, and the 1947 release. The main role in it played by an unforgettable Rhett Butler, he's Clark Gable. His hero Victor Norman has just returned from World War II and into the advertising business. Roman Frederic Wakeman, on which the film is based, the whole 1946 was held at the top of the bestseller list. "Advertisers" - a great opportunity to look at how the advertising business has changed since the days of post-war America.



How to understand that in the mind of potential buyers and how to attract them? There is no supernatural powers can not tell. History advertiser charming Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson), who has learned to read the minds of women, traditionally popular with viewers. The mere fact that the film earned a worldwide box office of about 375 million dollars with a budget of 70 million, speaks for itself. And in China, it even made a remake. He came to the big screen in 2011 in the Chinese New Year.



Another film about the morality of advertising in which Gibson could play a major role. But it is not specified, and it fulfilled our time honored Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart. The protagonist, a lobbyist Nick Naylor, should by all means to promote smoking to the masses. Although he is not going to smoke in the open and it is recognized that work just for the money. The film is based on the novel by Christopher Buckley, who wrote it based on his own experience in the advertising field.



"Wag the Dog" - translation of distributors, which many viewers found it not the best. In the original satirical comedy Barry Levinson called "Wag the DogĀ» (Wag the Dog). Create a favorable image of the product - not an easy task. And to create a favorable image of the president mired in intrigues and ensure his re-election - is almost an impossible mission. But not for Stanley Mott. Dustin Hoffman plays his way inspired by real-life person, namely Hollywood producer Robert Evans. Fun fact: during the filming of a scandal involving US President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky.



"No" - the first in the history of Chilean films nominated for "Oscar" for best foreign language tape (Austrian lost "love"). In 1988, the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet has announced a referendum to extend presidential powers. The opposition has only 15 minutes of the night air, to persuade people to say on the referendum "no". To do this successfully invited advertiser Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), who has long lived abroad and knows their job. The hero of the film is fictional, but includes several features of actually existing people.



Elections, elections ... Restless employees "How would the radio" must unleash the regional elections of the candidates. However, they do not even know what this adventure will result. The film is a screen adaptation of the play "Quartet" and of the "accident." There are film and television version. The first has a duration of 122 minutes, the second nearly 40 minutes long and is divided into four series. A ship on which filmed "Election Day", unfortunately, burned down.

Welcome to the world premiere of "Night of devourers of advertising" in Crocus City Hall, April 18. Gathering guests at 23:00

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