Alive and dead the air in Your apartment

It has long been observed that people being in different places, feels and breathes differently. In one place it is easy to breathe a full breast, the other, respiration labored and superficial. In any case, all agree that it is best to breathe in the fresh air, mountains, the sea, in the forest and worst of all the rooms in this concrete slum. In a poorly ventilated room with so many people, sometimes the weakest people due to the lack of air I was losing consciousness.

Throughout the twentieth century, scientists have conducted serious research on the study of the composition of the air.And it turned out that in addition to the chemical composition of the air, is very important for living organisms is the presence of positively and negatively charged ions. In the indoor air at a large gathering of people contains from 20 to 100 negative ions and a much larger number of positively charged particles that adversely affect human health, cause fatigue and reduced immunity. Taking into account this circumstance, it is very important good ventilation of rooms in which we live.

Live the air a lot of negatively charged oxygen ions. Their highest mountains, and lowest in poorly ventilated modern homes of the people. Especially in the winter or in inclement weather, afraid of cold, we forcibly close the window, deliberately shortening his life, attracting all sorts of diseases. A fine dust of our homes absorbs negative ions, making the air dead. That is why it is important to periodically (3-4 times) times per week to do a full wet cleaning and to let fresh air in.

The concept of ionization of the air gets more and more into our everyday life. The man is constantly in the air, which to his body using negatively or positively charged ions is transferred to the electric charge of the atmosphere. Given that the inner surface of our lungs a lot more of the body surface, inhalation of positive or negative ions, they can easily penetrate directly into the blood, improve or worsen its composition. Now on the market devices are available to increase the content of negative ions in the home, this helps us to improve the lives indoors. However, remember that a lot of negative ions, is not good.

It is undeniable that people are spending more time indoors. To do this, they build houses and buy apartments, more and more moving away from natural environment. According to the conclusions of sociologists, each new generation, living in stone houses, is becoming weaker than the previous one. Therefore, to restore health you need to exercise daily for at least two hours outdoors, doing physical labor, or long walking. It's summer and you need at least two weeks to devote to recreation in nature, breathing in clean air.

How can it be that in the areas where we live, to make the air alive and improve their health?

We know that to resolve issues related to risk to human health, polluted indoor air must be regularly removed outside and replaced with fresh. Supply air must always penetrate into all rooms of the house or apartment to ensure full and effective ventilation. Therefore, the correct and rational solution of this problem is the organization in the premises of the effective forced supply and exhaust ventilation system.

Consider two modern ways to create a comfortable microclimate and the required air exchange in refurbished premises, brand new, only inhabited houses or renovated into residential apartments.

Installation of decentralized reversible ventilators with energy regeneration.Recall that the ventilator is a compact supply and exhaust ventilation unit with heat recovery for a permanent air exchange in small and medium-sized residential and public buildings. Using the built-in heat exchanger allows to utilize the heat removed from the room air for heating of supplied purified air.

The principle of operation of the ventilator.

Warm air from the room through the extract filter, enters the heat exchanger and, handing him the heat is removed by means of a centrifugal exhaust fan. The cold outer air passing through the filter of the ventilator, is fed to the heat exchanger and receiving the heat from the exhaust air supplied to the room by the supply centrifugal fan.

The heat exchanger integrated in the housing of the ventilator, allows you to transfer more of the heat exhaust air to heat the cold fresh air, allowing you to save greatly on heating and to reduce heat losses in cold seasons. The vent is installed on the interior walls of the premises and connected to the air ducts. Removal and air flow can be performed both directly and through a duct system.

Typically, the vent is compact and does not require any extra components or air ducts, ready to use and installed direct to the wall installation in the outer wall of buildings. To install it you will need only a through hole in the wall, which inside is closed with a decorative ventilation grille or the installation of a small unit suitable for any interior design. From the outer side is the outer hood for prevention of direct penetration of water and foreign objects into the fan.

Back to the main topic of our article live and dead air, decide whether the ventilator main goal of providing a healthy indoor climate, where we live? The answer in the next effective solutions.


• provide a clean air room

• remove stale extract air from the room

• purify the air from dust and insects

• prevent penetration of excessive humidity and appearance of mould

• protect from street noise

• regenerate heat and provide humidity balance in the room

• reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning in the summer

• work with minimum power consumption.

So, with the installation of the ventilators we get clean air. It is important to note that the creation of clean air, the performance of the chosen ventilator (s) must provide adequate ventilation (kitchen, living room, bedroom). The average is from 60 m3/h in bedroom, living room, up to 120 m3/h in the kitchen.

Air ionizers.

Let me remind you that one of the first ionization of domestic premises was ionizer – chandelier Chizhevskogo. This device is a dome like a chandelier with a large number of electrodes – needles, on the edge which during operation of the ionizer a corona discharge occurs, and the oxygen atoms change their charge from positive to negative, under the action of high voltage negative potential. As we have noted, the negatively charged aeroions of oxygen to revitalize the air we breathe.

After a detailed selection offered in online ionizers, are readers in my opinion best meet the needs of given subjects, ionizer air cleaner called Super-Plus-Turbo, price $85.

The following quote promotional information from the manufacturer.

AIR PURIFIER SUPER PLUS TURBO is designed to clean air in residential and office premises from dust, tobacco smoke, industrial emissions, pollen, dust mites, etc., and also for the normalization of aeroionic composition of the air. In our opinion, this is the most modern and efficient cleaner – air ionizer is one of those that are available today.

This is important: air Purifier Super-Plus-Turbo was developed on the recommendation of the state scientific center – Institute of immunology (Moscow) and can be used for the prevention of allergic diseases: bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis and other diseases of allergic nature.

Here are the main advantages of air purifiers series Super plus:

designed for premises with a capacity up to 100 m3;

removes air to 95% of fine dust;

devices runs completely silently;

the series "Super-Plus-Turbo" and you can put on the table, and hang on the wall;

the devices are optimally set the level of ionization and the quantity of generated ozone".

According to user reviews. This is a very powerful ionizer and air purifier. Filters are not necessary to change, it is enough to wash the metal plate and all of a ionizer air purifier.

See examples of the ventilator and the ionizer is not my recommendation, but rather introductory information about the availability of such devices and what they need. Their main task – the intensity of replacement of indoor air and its cleaning. Only under these conditions can a person work and rest and activity increases dramatically.

Without breathing a person can live for several minutes. But how many years of his full life, he loses due to bad air quality? We offer instruments and simple activities for wet cleaning, will help to create a fresh lively air to replace the dead, which accumulates fatigue and reduced immunity. Let the air in your homes supports health and excellent emotional attitude.



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