Ventilators: fresh air in your home

With the advent of sealed glass units, the problem of ventilation of the premises has acquired a special urgency. The usual wooden frames always had gaps and cracks, through which the room did fresh air even when doors and vents are closed tightly. Design of modern Windows designed to reduce heat loss to a minimum and ensure good sound insulation. So they no longer pass air. Of course, you can open the window sash, but it is not always convenient and even possible. To solve this problem, there are air supply devices or vents.

The system is designed to provide fresh air, and they work regardless of outside weather conditions. There are three types of such devices.

Vents without a fan , This group of supply devices is characterized by the ultimate simplicity of the design. Related wall valve products are equipped with heat - and sound-pipe. It is mounted in a hole inside the wall and closed from the inside flap with the flap, and the outside grille that protects equipment from falling debris.

Even simpler window ventilators. It is, in fact, just a crack in the frame or in the sash, closed with a lid with a valve.

The principle of operation of the supply devices is very simple. The pressure difference between the room and the street creates airflow which brings in fresh air. The main advantage of such systems is their low cost. Shortcomings well enough. First of all, the volume of entering air and, accordingly, the power device is directly dependent on the pressure difference. Therefore, to effectively operate the device only in the case when the room has a exhaust mechanical ventilation.

The capacity of such ventilators are small and can vary depending on various factors. In addition, they are not able to carry out the cleaning and heating supplied from the outside air. In the supply device can be installed only coarse filters, as a more subtle system to obstruct the ventilators. Another drawback is the lack of automation. To regulate the operation of the intake valves have only manually, guided by their own feelings.

Vents are equipped with a fan , These wall-mounted supply unit, in fact, differ from the above only in the presence of the fan and more advanced filters. The latter can hold not only large, but also medium-sized particles of contamination. At desire it is possible to find models with the charcoal filter that removes odors and harmful gases. Filters fan are in a separate unit, which is installed in the building. Such supply devices are more power.

The volume of air supplied is limited only by the power and performance of the fan. Last forcefully directs outdoor air into the unit where it is purified and enters the room. The advantage of the system is the lack of dependence on the effectiveness of exhaust ventilation. On the contrary, the forced injection of air improves the functioning of the hood.

The disadvantages include insufficient cleaning of the air flow. The filter only stops the medium and large particles, whereas small, such as plant pollen, street dust and the like easily received at home. In addition, the air is not heated, so in winter the ventilator will literally blow cold. Management of the supply valve may only be carried out manually, based on their own feelings, which can fail.

Air-supply units Produced in two kinds of systems. Units with manual control and automatic equipment with built-in climate control. The latter is called the breather were. The ventilation units have been able to maintain the desired temperature delivered from the outside air, and bribery do this automatically. For models with manual control requires human intervention.

The devices are equipped with multiple filters that are designed to clean the entire supplied air. Among them are design for fine cleaning HEPA with antibacterial impregnation. Filter removes the viruses, the smallest microorganisms, mold and allergens. All living bacteria are destroyed inside the device. Bribery carry out efficient cleaning of gases from harmful substances coming from the outside. New filter through which passes the stream, filled with a mixture of active catalysts and sorbents, effectively decomposing on safe components of the particles of smog, industrial and exhaust gases, combustion products.

Air handling and ventilation units have been bribery provide effective ventilation, while served from the street, the air is clean and preheated to the desired temperature. However, the cost of such devices is quite high. It differs from very simple vents without the fan at times. But the effect of the use of these devices are totally different.

Living rooms require frequent airing. Otherwise the air quality in them is deteriorating: there is an excess of carbon dioxide and increases the humidity. A person in this room will experience discomfort. If the described situation is becoming the norm, health problems can not be avoided. It is very important to provide the room a fresh air. How to do it: open a window or install special equipment to solve the owner. published

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