Steve Jobs has banned Google even hire former Apple employees

Between companies in Silicon Valley has always been a struggle for talented employees. But in 2005, the company signed a пакт nonaggression , by which promised not to poach employees from one another. It all started with a letter to Steve Jobs February 17, 2005, in which he threatened the executive director Eric Schmidt: "If you take on more work of one of our people, this means war." Eric Schmidt apologized and ordered HR department employees will no longer call Apple. Later this "cartel" conspirators joined by other companies, including Adobe, Intel, Dell and IBM, and so on.

When one staff member of the personnel department Google accidentally called someone from the developers of Apple, Steve Jobs sent an angry letter - and the offender was immediately dismissed from Google.

Initially agreement applied only to managers, but then spread also to the developers. Because of the secret collusion talented programmers barred move to another company with a salary increase. In 2009, the US Department of Justice beginning антимонопольное investigation secret collusion. Wounded in the right of workers filed a групповой claim . Hearings on the case due to start in May 2014.

As it turns out now, the influence of Steve Jobs extends not only to the present, but even former employees of Apple. The publication PandoDaily опубликовало correspondence between Steve Jobs and Alan Eustace (Alan Eustace), Google's vice president for development (copies of letters sent Brin and Page). March 28, 2006 Eustace wrote to Jobs: "Steve, Google wants to make an offer, Jean-Marie Yullo open a small development center in Paris. Larry, Sergey and Jean-Marie believe that it is important to get your approval before making such an offer ».

We are talking about Jean-Marie Yullo (Jean-Marie Hullot), former employee Apple, the French development team who was instrumental in the creation of iPhone. In 2001, Steve Jobs personally flew to Paris to convince him to go to work at Apple, which he did. But then made a strategic decision to move the development of the iPhone in the Silicon Valley. In December 2005, Apple has refused services group Yullo. Several months are left without work, until you can get to Google.

In a letter to Eustace says Jobs, the French Center Google will not deal with technology, competing with developments Apple: «Jean-Marie worked hard to leave Apple in the best conditions, and agree to abide by the terms of the non-compete. He loves Apple and will not do anything to hurt you or the company ».

"Relations between Google and Apple is extremely important to us. If this relationship in any way that is threatened in connection with the invitation to the employee, please advise and we reject this possibility, "- wrote Eustace.

Answer from Jobs was not two weeks, and Google began to worry. Jean-Marie Yullo decided to go with his wife and children in a two-week trip to the Himalayas, expressing the hope that his return will still receive the blessing of Steve.

April 9, Jobs wrote a letter with a question, something to be run by his former engineer. Steve Eustace hastened to assure that a project would not have started in Paris, he in any case will not contradict the agreements on the avoidance of competition, that is, anything connected with mobile phones. Eustace Jobs offered to send for approval a project that will run the Paris Center Google. He agreed.

When two weeks Yullo returned from the Himalayas, April 25, 2006 Eustace again wrote a letter to Steve with the specification does not apply if a possible ban on the recruitment of other staff, who at one time went to Apple with Yullo, because personally no one at Apple had not invited .

Jobs' answer was succinct: "We would very much like you to not hire them».

At that talks ended. Eustace wrote to colleagues that he considered "inconvenient" Steve asked about the reasons for his decision. At the end of May 2006, Google finally abandoned plans to open a French development center. Alan Eustace Jobs notified of the decision, with a note of how important the support Steve partnership of Google and Apple.

Jean-Marie Yullo spent the next few years traveling with his wife and children in Bhutan and other countries in Asia. video>



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