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"Bloodsport" - American fighter with a famous actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, in the Soviet Union became a legend video clubs. I suggest you remember this movie and add your interesting observations. The story itself is a very interesting movie. In the words of Van Damme, he took with him to the United States only a few thousand dollars, which is oh, how he did not have enough room, his English was limited to a couple-three phrases uttered a horrible accent. Jean had at one time even deliver pizza and dancing in stripbare to somehow ensure their stay.
And that would have limited accommodation Van Damme in America, if not turned out that one day, in Hong Kong, he met with one of the main producers of the studio "Cannon." He promised him a role in any of the pictures coming out under its auspices, because Jean-Claude just covered it with his portfolio and the press. The promise was given only to get rid of the overbearing young man, from which there was no pass, but Van Damme decided to formally meet with the producer - eventually received several times refused.
Producer waylaid in the street, Jean showed him all their crown blows and then finally received an invitation to audition. There is one quite true legend that a meeting with Van Damme producer late already for three hours, but soon it notified that Jean spent these three hours the splits between two chairs.
It was the final chord, after which they fell, and the parties entered into a contract to participate in the filming of the picture Jean as the main character.


In principle, the film did not promise anything standing in the studio, the budget was only one and a half million dollars, and highlighted it was not the strongest team, led by the then little-known mediocre director Newt Arnold. It would seem that special to expect from the project? It's nothing. But Jean-Claude presented the script was just a tremendous prospect, because on it he had the opportunity to express themselves loudly and show the world all his tricks and crown blows.
The project does not promise high fees and therefore producers are treated him coolly: the role of champion kumite Chong Lee took martial arts master Bol Yenga then known only in a film with Bruce Lee "The appearance of the dragon." On the role of the fighters were invited by unknown persons, some are not even professional athletes, they are only required a strong constitution and a different race. Drag this film Van Damme and his great friend Michel Kissy, (he later played his best role Tong Po in "Kickboxer") and what is most important to train the whole company and is ready to shoot himself had Frank Dux. During the filming between Van Damme and Dukes emerged friendship, which resulted in no time, Jean invited Frank to work in his films.


Thus, the whole friendly company began shooting, which lasted several months, after which the picture has been completely used up the budget. It just means that soon she will be in the trash. For Jean-Claude this development was unacceptable and had to, through their own efforts to complete the picture, the installation and ensure its full readiness to put in a rental.
Van Damme did everything as it should and to preview the producers it caused indescribable delight. Then it singled cinemas, and it was launched in the rolling, where it is waiting for a unique success, alone video media she has collected more than $ 50 million, and charges in the US with more than 11 million paid for the budget. "Bloodsport" suddenly became a hit and brought fame as the young Van Damme, and studio itself "Cannon».
Looking childhood, the first fact, which has never (I personally have never heard of) did not speak Snuffles translators on the old video cassette recordings - the story is based on real events. Yes, indeed, there was Frank Dux (Frank Dux) - world champion in full-contact kumite cruiserweight champion from 1975 to 1980. This guy has achieved international recognition and fame as one of the foremost experts in self-defense and personal growth.


Moreover, he was the coordinator of the fight scenes in the movie, but the leading man, Jean-Claude Van Damme, he studied this fellow (probably during the filming).
Dukes has set four world records in one tournament, some of which are shown in the film (the fastest knockout - 3.2 seconds, the fastest punch - 0.12 sec (72 mph)). Did you know about it, but in my cassette version rewritten for 105 companions at once - this was not of information. But you see, enjoyable to watch a movie when you know that it has much of the truth ... though we while 11 year old kid was like do not care.


One might add that this is unrealistic Dukes cool fighter that crashed bulletproof glass with bare hands. If I knew I was better Dukes, I think Chuck Norris would be prematurely retired. There were a lot of disputes and the courts about this glass, but it's kind of like Dukes defended his innocence and proved this extraordinary breaking up thereof. This is interesting - here's a little video


The existence of kumite, as a form of full-contact fight was recognized by many organizations, the most famous of which USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The Alliance, Black Dragon Fighting Society, Shinjimatsu. The event was held once in 5 years, with the financial support of the International Association of Martial Arts (IFAA). But in fact, according to Frank, "Kumite" was held in Nassau in the Bahamas in 1975, but not in Hong Kong, as we see in the film.
So, gentlemen, Van Damme - he's an actor, and that's the one he played - a true hero. And these guys had even dishes on the fact that Van Damme in the movie distorted the true history, and set in the light of the Dukes unsightly. As a result, Dukes lost the case, which, in fact, is not surprising, since this film is rather the opposite of his praises. But who will understand them, they can have their floats were.


Very well-chosen cast. What can we say about the legend Bolo Yeung (Bolo Yeung), though some pronounced Young. Personality quite popular to talk about it in detail, probably does not make sense. However, the assurance of the Dukes, the character Chong Lee, played by actor Bolo Yeung in the film was based on a real person. He died before the film's release in connection with brain tumors from being hit.


The film Yeung plays a negative role, although he is a role, I do not remember the others. His are the meanest poddonkom, it cripples other Dukes (Jackson) breaks the opponent's legs and even kills one.
In the final, there was an incident with the throwing powder into the eyes to blind the enemy. However, the assurance of Cheong Lee on the set - this did not happen. The fact that athletes ointments for skin and hair gels. Here is the entire chemistry and flowed into the eyes Dukes during the battle, and for a while deprived of his full vision. A similar case, by the way, was with Muhammad Ali.


Bolo Yeung - he is, he even got into a fight with Cynthia Rothrock in the movie, uh, seems Fang Tiger or something like that. This bastard, but I respect him. It is aged and in such form)


Or take at least that's this kickboxer in the film, which in red shorts. Few people know that his name is Paulo Tocha. In the world of martial arts - a famous person, and especially among those who are interested in Muay Thai.
On the Internet a huge number of articles about Paul - he is half Portuguese, half Italian. He spent his childhood in Mozambique and South Africa, then he lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok. With 9 years Tochal started boxing, and in 14 years the fate gave him a meeting with the Olympic bronze medalist in Helsinki Willie Toweel, who invited him to start practicing Muay Thai.


In 1985 he was one of the first foreigners who spoke at the Muay Thai competition. At one time he served as a professional fighter. Favourite blows "crowns" Paolo had low kicks and knee strikes.
His acting career began as a stuntman in the film Jackie Chan's The Protector (Patron). Paolo liked to do crazy stunts. And he is constantly in the right place at the right time.


When he called and offered the role of Paco in "Bloodsport," Toka realized that this character seems created just for him. Many liked the character that made Paolo, but the athlete, and now the actor, the main thing was to show that there is art like Muay Thai, and convey to the audience all its beauty and power.


The film shows a beautiful Paulo, in the formulation and emotional tension, fight. Dukes just take it "on the weak", with a little tinge of Russian character as if to say: "Come, they say, hit! who will win? It's what you can do? "And ending with the battle fast and unexpected downward roundhouse kick. I have at that moment tears flowed from the awareness of how it was cool


Currently, Paolo Current deals coaching. MMA athletes and coaches. He is vice-president of the Association of the United States Muay Thai (USMTA). This is a photo of him in our time.


Jackson, a friend of Dukes in the film - played by Donald Gibb (Donald Gibb), a kind of good-natured shkafina, leaving a very positive impression. As an actor, often playing the role of other similar films. Actually, Ray Jackson, a friend Dukes - also existed. Only his name was Richard Robinson. Robinson, a black belt in jiu-jitsu, has gone from a biker in the state of California to a stockbroker. This, however, did not prevent him to establish a school of martial arts, "the river of life."


Dukes, Donald


And this again Don. Time does not spare anyone, also aged man.


The movie Bloodsport there is a scene of breaking the bottom of a pile of bricks 5 bricks. This effect, as they say in the film, called the Dim Mak or Touch of Death. This Frank Dux performed this trick many times on the television show. Although he was not exactly the same as in the movie, but the meaning remains the same - to transfer the energy of impact is not to the point of touching hands, and much more.


Some more facts - the famous kick in the balls on the string, which migrated to the game Mortal Kombat character Johnny Cage. Eggs spontaneously shrink at the sight of it. As a child we all hate him jealous. Here, before the fatal blow, just seeing the penetration of energy - kick goes through the stomach and reach the internal organs.
And the fat man, march, it feels very good.
At school, after this film all the boys were eager to perform DimMak someone in the stomach, but of course other than stupid but unsuccessful nothing worked. Well, something else happens - spectacular fight, for example. Here vidos.


The trick with the coin, say pozaimostvovan Bruce Lee. Well, who would doubt, who does not like, he would do that.


Musical arrangement - to pick up the story to music could hardly someone better than Paul Hertzog. I remember Vidic recorded with a tape recorder music from the stage of training the young, "the representative of the family tonaki" with the teacher and twisted in the yard. And of course, we do not just listen, but also bullied his feet, waving pincers and strongly built himself a master of kumite. Well, who after this scene was not torn the tendon itself, trying to do the splits? So what am I? Oh, the music ... the way tovarisch Paul Hertzog addition soundtrack to a subject, and has also created the sound for "Kickboxer". The pen of the author can be recognized on the first sheet at the first viewing of the film. I do not know about you, but I liked the kickboxer is much smaller - it's like an earthquake in Japan and "avteshoki" - first tsunami wave, and then slight variations. Bloodsport tsunami was more than once.


It is worth adding that in addition to the music there were also beautiful songs by Stan Bush'a with bright color of the late '80s, as it tastefully America. I liked the taste of this "fashion". When the Dukes rides the bus at night after his other champion went to the hospital (On my own alone)


or when he gets away from pursuing him through the streets of the city the feds to the pier (Steal the night) - the same taste and feel in the kickboxer, such as Streets of Seam


Oh, by the way, you know this charming man, standing next to an elderly federalist?
Yes, now the famous Forest Whitaker. Cutie, right?


In both films, the sound that it is necessary (I recommend everyone to download ... and to MP3, or FLAC and in APE) - that's just the idea of ​​the movie Kickboxer is not new.
A total of 22 film track.


Good scene, beautiful.


Training at home tonaki


Actors ... something Man in blue pants forgot how to call. Who remembers?


Paco vs Dux


Mr. Dukes fulfills techniques


Too familiar faces


These also


Finally, I can say that this film I have my body. Due to the effect that he made - I started training for many years engaged in wrestling and taekwondo, weightlifting and swimming. Movies today are not just movies and incentive guide to action, tutorial manuals for self-defense and the strength of the spirit.
Photo: The entire crew and cast at the ramp in the final scene


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