7 crimes that man can commit through the word

We live in a very interesting and difficult time. Interesting because that material success superior to any imagination. The majority has it all: delicious food, fashionable clothing, mobile phone, computer, but sometimes it gets depressing, lonely, difficult. Why? Because by themselves, material goods do not bring happiness, peace and balance. It is proven by experience. To give an example: the son of a millionaire who had everything in abundance, has committed suicide. Found a suicide note: "Taken from life. Nothing interesting in it is not found. Leaving life voluntarily".

What else does a man need, in addition to material goods to feel happy? The leading men of our time: scientists, religious leaders pondered this question and came to the following conclusion: the person must remember that he has a soul, that it lives according to the laws of the spiritual world. For example, if you need to divide something among themselves and a friend, you should give him a half, tells how the law of our material world, and as much as he wants or as he wants.

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© George Christakis's Your job to give him joy and peace, because the main law of the spiritual world — love. And when you love, you do not mind.Lately a lot said and written about the laws and regulations of spiritual life. The schools propose to introduce the course "Basics of Orthodox culture", which will help our children to understand that we are on the threshold of two eras. The era of materialism rooted in the past. Replaced the worldview: the universe is not just matter, and many more...

This understanding has affected the language. Scientists came to the conclusion that the word is not just svekolnik; the word contains deep meaning, the spirit that defines the person's mood, physical health, and even his fate and the fate of his children.

Man, as a verbal being, it is through the word turns in prayer to God, through words he communicates with people through the word acquires knowledge, and at the same time, inadvertently turning with the word, he commits many crimes against themselves and against their loved ones. Believers know that it is a sin before God. Archimandrite Raphael (Karelin) in the book "the Ability to die, or the art of living" refers to the seven crimes that man can commit, perjury, curse, slander, condemnation, lies, jokes and bad language, verbiage and wordiness. Let's look at them together with this respected priest.

Worst crime in the world through the word is perjury. Each of us though time in life had to swear an oath. Well, if we kept. And if not? The oath turns out to be false. But even worse, if a person knows that he swears falsely. The oathbreaker subjecting himself to the court forever. First and foremost, it will torment and judge his own conscience. So the vows should be treated very carefully and give them in exceptional cases: the oath of the doctor — come to the aid of the patient, the oath of a soldier is to defend the Homeland. A kind of oath are and our many casual promises that we give away freely to friends and family, often without thinking — and fulfill them. Thought, word and deed from our Creator are inseparable. And since we are His image and likeness, we should strive to be like Him. Observe them at least during the day — and you will see that it is very difficult to answer for every word.

A second offense is a curse, which a man utters in a state of anger or resentment, and — as usually happens — in relation to the people you want. Curse the person means to wish him punishment and death. Very scary the curse of the parents against the children. A father's curse will dry up, and the parent will eradicate. Undeserved curse turns against the one who utters it, and honored makes life unbearable the man cursed. Terrible words seemed to penetrate him and follow him everywhere. Usually cursed bitterly repents what he did, but the words already uttered, the evil burst forth from the heart.

Third offense is defamation, deliberate deception, through which we want to discredit the other person, to annoy him, and sometimes to avenge something. Slander usually grows out of hatred and envy. Who slanders, the one becomes the embodiment of evil. Slander is a form of homicide, because the goal of the accuser is to set up against of all people, to kill him morally.

Fourth word is condemnation. Condemnation affects us all without exception. Presume to judge others instead try to see their weaknesses and work on them. Every condemnation contains a lie, though it seems superficially plausible, therefore, a clear distinction between the condemnation and slander is not. After all, we don't always know why people in this situation have done so. Maybe there were reasons. We'd better try and justify that man, and not try to about his misconduct became known around the white light. We will be merciful and generous — and we the people will be treated the same. It is proven by experience. In every human soul, even, it seems, pissed at life, lives inextinguishable spark of the divine love for people.

The fifth type of crime is a lie and a sham. Modern man has forgotten how to be himself. He is always a hypocrite, constantly playing and lying. The man is hiding one lie with another lie. No wonder they say that once lied'll do it again. Nowadays the lie has become pervasive. Sell their conscience for the sake of chelovekovedenija, for their own benefit, and sometimes just out of habit. Because of the suffering of body and soul. Remember now its condition at the time of lying. Then red, then pale, heart beating faster. There is a release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, hormones that increase blood pressure. So does the body. And the soul? My heart is not better. A feeling of longing, despair, shame, and sometimes anger and hostility against all: "it's not my fault that I was forced to lie." Why are we so bad? Because we have sinned, violated God's command, His request: people, don't lie, you won't find it. People no longer trust another person, this is one of the reasons why it's so hard to live in the modern world.
The sixth crime is an evil and dirty jokes and bad language. In this case, the person in their own words through hearing svernet the souls of others.

First, a few words to say about the jokes. By and large, even the most good joke, directed at a person, contains a binding of the person. It is easy to agree if you present it yourself, not another person in the role of the target for this joke. To say nothing about the evil and vulgar jokes, in which there is desecration of the human personality, the humiliation of it. No wonder the Joker is called the younger brother of profanity.

Now a nasty battle. Is black words which carry invisible dirt. The hero of the famous writer B. Ganago says: "the Black word says the one whose soul is black. It's a plague worse than AIDS, because AIDS deprives temporal life, and foul is eternal. She each cell of the surrounding world poisons, and you." As an example we take the brane lexicon only the most "harmless" words that for some people it has become habitual.

The word bastard origin dates back to the verb bastard and originally meant the garbage that surakiat in a pile and then throw over the threshold of the home. Therefore, the word bastard was the wish of loneliness, that the person was deprived of his house, thrown out of homes as the debris expelled. The word bastard means unfit, unsuitable, not suitable for its purpose, spoiled. Therefore, the word scoundrel wishes: "may not fulfill the purpose of your life". The word bastard means a low, crawling under the legs. Here is the curse: "be under your feet, fall into the depths of hell under all" etc.

Destructive information put in a bad words that can not go unnoticed. The interesting point of view of the geneticists on this issue. Research conducted by the Russian Academy of Sciences, give a right to say that DNA is able to perceive human speech via electromagnetic channels. The texts that contain positive information, heals genes, and the curse and bad words cause mutations that lead to the degeneration of man, i.e. any spoken word is the wave genetic program that affects not only our lives, but the lives of our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren...

And the last type of crime is the word — verbiage and wordiness. Verbiage — this desire is turning into a habit of talking about junk and empty. The babbler is the enemy of your soul and the thief of another time. If the verbiage does not talk, feels sick and miserable. But for others the babbler is a burden, because if it will listen, that will be sick. Therefore, we need to study the great science — silence. Verbosity is adjacent to the verbiage, but still differs from it. Wordy people may talk about necessary and useful, but it can not separate the important from the secondary and uses a lot of extra words. During a conversation with a man attention is dulled, and gradually cease to even understand what he tells you. There is a feeling of fatigue. Have a wordy person, as a rule, there is no culture of thinking, sense of proportion and respect for the interlocutor. With whom you should try not to be wordy? With a person older than you in age; so who better than you knows the subject of conversation; with someone who wants to catch you, to blacken; with the patient that you came to see; a man who painted every minute; with someone who interrupts you, looking out while talking on the sides and watch who answer questions and listen to you closing my eyes (you're tired of the other person) who in your presence is angry at something for no reason. You should not talk about what you don't know what you're not sure. Better that your companion will wish that you talked more than you'd get silence.

Whether we like it or not, but every word carries a certain energy. It connects man with the cosmic forces of good or evil. And need to very careful with every word. No wonder the representatives of modern science argue that our words leave an indelible mark in the Universe and our fate depends on the words spoken by us. published 

Author: Galina Alferova, candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of Russian language Department of the Shadrinsk state pedagogical Institute.


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