Kopakt-toilet. All I carry with me

Amazing still a nation - the Japanese. Master of minimalism and compactness. And the apartments they seem tiny area next to the European (with the US generally keep quiet), and the trees have bonsai. I understand the lack of living space and all that. Teaches to save space.
But to the extent that! That's probably the erection of a literal level of the aphorism "all their burden with you." "Bo kidati zhalko" - added to our compatriot. Well, naturally, invented the citizens of the Land of the Rising Sun, portfolio toilet. That means that even already redeveloped part of himself, native, could carry with them. Not, well done, of course. However, very too much anecdote recalls when a man three-liter jar of liquid substances and solid substances suitcase on analyzes pinned. Or maybe they overheard the anecdote and decided, so to speak, to embody? Or maybe just fans of Vladimir Voinovich and "Moscow-2042" to read out the hole, who knows. But fun - definitely.
And what's even pinned the authors of this masterpiece of the company Niban To (by the way, they have called their Babe Gotta Go Brifcase), so it's maximum, so to speak, carrying capacity of the product. Eighty pounds, say, and more - no, no. And that may burst. With hardly imagine that someone has vouchsafed to carry a half that weight. Well, in terms of comfort all purely Japanese. The seat is made of stainless steel, leather panels and other beauty. In general, the humor - humor and comfort - is sacred.
Crap on health.


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