Service "natural vision appetite"

If a good string up, you can surprise and then, in general, quite simply divided as kitchen utensils. I do not want to offend the designers of kitchen sets, God forbid. But one of the prerequisites to be met by a kitchen set, is that it evokes positive emotions associated with food (ideally). Or at least be neutral. Do not argue, each has its own food preferences, but I would be very surprised to see in any of their friends on the table like a masterpiece. Not that I'm too sensitive, but some little thoughts would have lifted. Well, there, look carefully into the basement. Inadvertently check lockers. And then who knows. Brings, you know.
Although ... it seems to understand. Well, of course. It's just naborchik to go on a diet. To enhance the effect, so to speak. And what? It is even plausible explanation. Sat down at the table with the mood grind everything is covered, and then - bam - such beauty. And all - goodbye appetite. And it is still possible to carry into the next room that has seemingly digested.
Or to a sort of little family notorious misanthropes. Also an option. Or maybe naborchik for particularly important guests. You know, there is a category. It's simple - service on the table - away from home. In principle, with proper imagination, you can find the application. Be creative, gentlemen.


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