Ten stories for forty-eight hours

The question of the speed and quality of construction in our Palestine - this is a byword. For both one and the other, to put it mildly, not always in line with international standards (by the way, and the very definition of something - an international standard. Think about it. For myself, it was to be one, but if international - well, then yes, another thing) .
So, ladies and gentlemen. India seems to be until one of the countries with advanced construction technologies. So Long. But here they have managed otgrohat ten-storey house for twenty-five thousand square meters in just two days of continuous construction. Forty-eight hours. Two hundred people. Yes, of course, went on the record and all that. Yes, it is without connection of communications. But, damn it, two days! Moreover, he is also seysmoustoychiv everything else that you do not think that it anyhow fashioned. Give a guarantee in case of earthquakes. Service life - about six hundred years.
Understandably, it has brought in the Book of Records as the most bystropostroenny.
Lord engineers argue that this technology can build houses around the world.
Naive. All around the world. Yup. I can immediately name a country where such in the foreseeable future will not be built in any case. Well, you know.
Here are necessary for the construction of a completely different technology. And they clean the building does not have anything to do.


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