The anecdote about three friends, who decided to brighten up the stairs have a non-trivial way

Always sad when we come home, and it turns out that the Elevator is not working... the Website tells an anecdote about three men who decided to brighten up the long climbing stairs is highly non-trivial way!

Cover-tek.comthree men lived in the hotel on the 45th floor. The administrator warned them that the Elevator is only open until midnight.

In the evening the three friends went to the restaurant and returned after 12. They had to climb the stairs. So they are not bored to climb, they shared 45 floors three and decided that the first 15 floors, one will tell funny stories, next 15 floors another will sing and the last 15 floors will be the third to tell scary stories.

The three friends laughed and passed the first 15 floors, the sound of singing made the second 15 floors... And finally it was the turn of the third horror stories to tell.

He begins:

— Now I will tell you terrible, terrific story, terrible already can not be. We fucking forgot the room key at the reception to take...



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