The best set of exercises to tighten the thighs and buttocks: they have never been so elastic!

Beautiful figure can not be imagined without rounded, convex, but tighten the buttocks. This part of the body requires close attention during exercise - muscles thighs and buttocks are insidious and not very amenable to correction, if not used in the process of training the weighting. But this does not mean that pump up the ass and make a much slimmer legs at home is impossible! The proposed complex will quickly lower tone the muscles of your thighs, making them elastic and strong. All you need - a couple of dumbbells, a yoga mat and an overwhelming desire to be better. Remember that the leg muscles - the largest group of muscles. Loading them, you train and revitalizes the entire body!

1. A partial squat on one leg. Repeat 15 times for each leg. Over time you can increase the number of squats, but for the first week of classes that's enough.

2. 15 shallow squats with legs wide apart. Make sure that your back is straight. Lock the foot in the same position, socks need to look in opposite directions.

3. The rise of flat feet, 15 reps. Resting his hands on the floor, making sure that the back is upright but not too annoying. In this position it is easy to injure.

4. The rise of the feet and hands from the prone position. Repeat 15 times. During the exercise, pay attention to the fact that the muscles of the legs should be reduced - raise your legs as high as possible.

5. Raising the legs bent at the knee. Repeat 15 times for each leg. Do not take your hands off the floor.

6. Partial squats with dumbbells in his hands 15 times. Shallow squats, pausing for several seconds at the very tense situation.

7. Exercise to strengthen the arms and back muscles - to work on the buttocks, hands should be prepared for training with weights. Lifting dumbbells to the chest 15 times.

8. Lifting dumbbells from behind, repeat 15 times.

9. Stretch thighs. Lifting dumbbells in a half-bent position 15 times. Buttocks slightly behind back and hold tight all the time while doing this exercise.

10. Breeding hands to the sides of the partial squats, repeat 15 times. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the back, but also very useful for the buttocks. Is focusing on the muscles of the legs, arms waving.

11. Lifting dumbbells at arm's length, 15 times. Coaching hands, holding legs dressed up.

12. The rise of the legs with a dumbbell on the weight. Repeat 15 times for each leg. Try to maintain balance by performing this exercise.

13 rises and spreads his arms to the sides until it stops, repeat 15 times.

14. Lifting arms with dumbbells alternately bent out of position. Control the back, it must always be straight! Repeat 15 times.

15. The squat on one leg, alternating with the instep. Repeat 15 times for each leg. Raising the leg, making sure that the foot parallel to the floor.

16. Lifting a dumbbell from a prone position. Repeat 15 times.

17. Information and breeding hands with dumbbells at chest level. Legs keep upbeat, half-bent position.

To be in the form, you must first train your willpower! But it is necessary to begin to engage, you will not be able to resist the sport fever - the effect obtained during the class, will motivate you to move forward on the path to perfection.

Complex for inflated priests - that is to send the best friend. Be sure to share with the girls these useful exercises!

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