6 tallest skyscrapers in the world


International Finance Centre (Tower 2)


Construction was completed in 2003, designed by Cesar Pelli, is a building with a height of 420 m. Is now the highest in Hong Kong. The building has 88 floors (extremely auspicious number in Cantonese culture En.wiki Numbers in Chinese culture), and 22 trading floors.

Skyscraper was built to house it in financial firms. For example Financial management of Hong Kong is located on the 55th floor. The building is equipped with a high-tech telecommunications and floors almost no columns. It is understood that the building will be stationed 15,000. It should be noted that the floor 88 is not a real number. There are some "floor - a taboo," such as 14 and 24, that sound like "just mёrty" and "easy to die" in Cantonese, respectively, which are unacceptable. The upper floor of the second international financial center a little above the city attractions - Victoria Peak.


Jin Mao


One of the tallest skyscrapers in Asia, is the hallmark of Shanghai. It located in Shanghai Pudong. The upper floor is a five star hotel Grand Hyatt.
Height - 420 meters.
Number of floors - 88 floors.
Start of construction - 1993.
Completion of construction - 1998.


Sears Tower


Sears Tower (Eng. Sears Tower) - the skyscraper, being in Chicago, USA. The height of the skyscraper is 443, 2 meters of floors - 110. Start of construction in August 1970, the end - May 4, 1973.
The building consists of 9 square tubes forming the base of a large square building. It stands on a stone Coating concrete piles driven in the underlying solid rock. At 50 floors rise 9 welded steel pipes. Then the building begins to narrow. More seven trumpets go to the 66th floor, and five raised to the 90th floor, and only two pipes form the remaining 20 floors. The roof has two television antennas.
Building area - more than 418,000 m², equivalent to 57 football fields. The skyscraper 104 high-speed elevators, which divide the building into 3 zones and help people to navigate in it. The refractory lining of the frame is covered with a black aluminum with more than 16,000 windows of dark glass. Six automatic machines for cleaning windows clean the whole building 8 times a year.

3rd place



Petronas - 88-storey skyscraper. Height - 451, 9 meters. It located in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.
It features not only a colossal size, but also the complexity of the design. The area of ​​all the premises of the building - 213 750 m², which corresponds to the area of ​​48 football fields. Sami tower occupy 40 acres in the city. The Petronas Twin Towers are offices, exhibition and conference halls, art gallery.
The construction of "Petronas Towers" cost the main customer - the state oil company "Petronas" - 2 billion. Ringgit (800 million. Dollars). Some of the costs assumed by other Malaysian companies, distributed among offices a two skyscrapers. It is interesting to note that the two towers are connected by a covered walkway to a bridge.

2nd place

Taipei 101


Taipei 101 (Taipei 101) (Taipei 101) - skyscraper located in Taipei, Taiwan. Total floors of the skyscraper is 101 floor, height - 508 m (along with a spike). On the lower floors there are shopping centers, offices are located on the top. The second-tallest building in the world.
Construction of the skyscraper began in 1999. The official opening took place on 17 November 2003, was put into operation December 31, 2003.
This skyscraper are the fastest elevators in the world - they are raised at a speed of 63 km / h. From the ground floor to the observation deck on the 89th can be reached in just 39.
The cost of the skyscraper was 1, 7 billion. Dollars.
The building is made of glass, steel and aluminum support 380 concrete pillars, each of which goes into the ground 80 meters. The danger of a collapse during a hurricane or an earthquake reduces a huge ball pendulum placed between 87 and 91 floors. According to engineers, the tower can withstand strong vibrations during 2500 years.
December 25, 2004 Tower subdued "Spiderman" Alain Robert. Height resigned it in 4 hours, although it was originally planned to spend only 2 hours.

1st place!

Burj Dubai


Dubai Tower (Arabic. برج دبي Burj Dubai) - is the highest (21 July 2007) skyscraper in the world, resembling the stalagmite, whose construction is scheduled to finish in 2009, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai. By the end of construction it will be the tallest structure in the world. The exact final height of the buildings still unknown, but is estimated 818 m (with the number of floors - more than 160).


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