From the Pacific to the Atlantic

Meanwhile, in South America Petrina Andrew continues to move slowly on the planned route. Of course, happen a variety of unpredictability, and the route is necessary to slightly alter, but it is inevitable in any long journey. A leg guys already be healthy.
If you have the opportunity to visit Cafayate (Salta Province, Argentina), be sure to do it! Book of the day 2-3. First you will need to hike in the mountains to the waterfalls. Take a local guide - it is dangerous, and not just to find a way. The second day will need to rest first. Third dedicate a tasting of local wines. And the fourth - for the rest of the "tasting". Nedegustatory can save two days.) North of Argentina, at least the one that we visited, very pleased with the hospitality of the locals / beauty / comfort / good meat / wine. If all of Argentina is the same as its north (I mean the people and nature in the first place), I would like to live here.
In general, traveled from Lima to Buenos Aires, according to Google's 5468 km (thought the roads and attacks in the neighborhood). Almost from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. There are still 2-3 thousand for Brazil and can be home)) Although there is still time. Doedem - but we'll see. Well here)))

This vineyards Cafayate


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