Global warming has been delayed


Recent studies of American climate scientists have provided encouraging results. According to the calculations, global warming is postponed at least 10 years. Scientists attribute this sudden reprieve from nature with a natural 30-year cycle of the Atlantic ocean.

According to the experts, in this regard in the next 10 years we should not expect significant rise in average temperatures on the planet. And the pause in the process of warming up of the Earth emerged in 1999. In this period the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached its maximum. However, the rate of warming is markedly decreased.

If we accept the basis of this mysterious phenomena of the natural 30-year cycle inherent in the Atlantic ocean, then the theory of a slowdown of growth temperature gets rationale. Experts explain that slow ocean currents able to continue to divert flows into the warm water for at least ten years. This is the mechanism for global cooling, which eliminates the threatening impact of exorbitant concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on the Earth's temperature.

According to the intergovernmental group of experts dealing with climate change from 1951 to 2012 the planet warmed by 0.12 degrees Aim. And for the last three years, the growth rate was 0.05 degrees, which is significantly less than the average rate of warming during the observation period.

To date, there is no single hypothesis that could accurately explain the reasons for the rise in global temperatures beginning to stabilize no apparent reason. Among the several dozen theories distinguish, for example, increased volcanic activity, and periodic lifting cold water from the deep layers of the Pacific ocean on its surface. But why do cold layers of water rise to the surface at precisely the moment when they most needed the planet, scientists still can not answer.

As the most probable cause for restraining the growth of global average temperature, climate scientists tend to see 30-year cycles of the Atlantic ocean. According to the article, published in Science researchers at the University of Washington, it's all about the changes that occur to the South of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans due to the General warming. Scientists believe that the speed of the Atlantic current, located to the North from the tropics has increased considerably in this century. As a result, the water flows carry more warm water masses from the ocean surface down to a mile. Such a fence of warm water is part of the natural cycle of Atlantic ocean, which continues in it for about 30 years. In support of this theory, scientists give one more pause in global warming, which was observed on our planet from 1945 to 1975.

Now that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has accumulated an order of magnitude greater than in the previous period, the climate scientists do not rule out a sharp rise in the average global temperature during the displacement cycle of the Atlantic to a warm phase in 2030.



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