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August 21, 32 ago, scientists first reported the threat to humanity of global warming on Earth. Global warming - a process of continuous increase in the average annual temperature of the surface layer of Earth's atmosphere and oceans as a result of a variety of reasons. In general, this phenomenon started talking back in the 1960s of the 20th century, but in the early 80's the problem already voiced at the UN level. Since then, on the problem of global warming and lead reflect every possible theory of its development are many scientists that greenhouse frightening catastrophe, the soothing, that up to this point will take no more one thousand years.

Every year there are new hypotheses, which sometimes completely deny old. Most of the articles openly contradict each other than outsiders introduced people astray. As a result, global warming is for most people has become a global "confusion", and some have lost their initial interest in the issue of climate change Earth. Only filmmakers received a fertile theme for its exciting new creations, sometimes arouse our interest, and sometimes a real fear of the unpredictable future - the insidious global warming and the resulting terrible ice age. We decided to compile the most famous of them.

1. The Day After Tomorrow (Roland Emmerich, 2004)

The slogan of the film: Where will you be?

On Earth, at an incredible scale comes to global warming. Only the massive melting of glaciers leads to the fact that the temperature of the global ocean is not increased, but rather begins to decline sharply. The Earth's climate is changing. Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), a scientist-paleoclimatologist, is attempting to warn the US government about the impending climate catastrophe - the occurrence soon a new ice age, but, alas, no one is listening, because universally believed that the Earth's climate will become warmer. < br />

Meanwhile, extreme weather events occur one after the other - it is a huge loss, and hailstones in Tokyo, and incredibly prolonged rainfall, and numerous huge tornado in Los Angeles, and heavy snowfalls in New Delhi. And that's just the beginning ...

In 2005, the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" has received the award «BAFTA» in the category "The best achievement in the field of special visual effects" and the award MTV Movie Awards for Best Action-stage (an incredibly spectacular and mesmerizing scene of the destruction of Los Angeles). However, the scene of the sinking of the New York no less fascinating.

2. Waterworld (Kevin Reynolds Kevin Costner in 1995).

The slogan of the film: Beyond the horizon lies the secret of a new beginning.

After complete melting of the polar ice caps nearly the whole earth was under water. And only remained a legend that somewhere else is a piece of land, suitable for life, but is it so no one could find. The main character played pretty brutal and Kevin Costner wanders through vast waters on its trimarane. In his wanderings, he meets different people - changed, traders resin, fish and others. And Brave Beauty Helen and Enola little girl who keeps a secret location cherished land ...

All the inhabitants of the Water world fear most treacherous bandit "smokers" or "stubs", which are so called because they are moved by motor kinds of sea transport and the constant cigarette smoking. These brutal "stubs" are always in search of land and do not stop at nothing. The most sought after in the Water world: earth, earth plants and fresh water.

This picture has brought its creators $ 100 million profit.

3. An Inconvenient Truth (Davis Guggenheim, 2006).

Controversial documentary in which Al Gore, former US Vice-President Bill Clinton, accessible language clarifies the scientific and political aspect of the future of global warming, as well as all the possible irreparable consequences in the near future, if not to limit the growth of emissions of carbon dioxide, caused by human activity. The premiere of this film took place in New York and Los Angeles May 22, 2006, and in November it charges has exceeded 20 million dollars, for the documentary genre, even very unusual.

Also in 2007, "An Inconvenient Truth" was given two awards "Oscar" in the category "documentary" and "Song for the film," and the American Film Institute named the film one of the biggest events of the year. Then he Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "for studying the effects of global climate change caused by human activities, and to develop measures to prevent their potential." The words "an inconvenient truth" immediately turned into a household name, and the film went under the heading "Everyone should know».

But in 2009, the Russian went out another documentary "The Story of a deception, or global warming," which on the contrary, "An Inconvenient Truth" has been sharply criticized, and the arguments of scientists contained in the film Gore, as well as the causes and human factors that lead to justify the theory of global warming, called deception and falsification.

4. The Age of Stupid (Franny Armstrong, 2009).

It is also known for the documentary, which caused at the time some resonance. The film begins in the future - in 2055, when the world has suffered from catastrophic climate change in London is flooded, Las Vegas has become a desert, Sydney lit Amazonian forests have burned down, and the already-suffering India suffered a nuclear war. An unnamed in the film archivist engaged in the preservation of human knowledge, as well as systematically exploring archives to understand when the beginning of an irreversible climate change and what they are, after all, were summoned. He studies the history of the six people who lived in the early 21st century. In this film themselves playing ordinary real people.

In 2009, "The Age of Stupid" was nominated for a British Independent Film Award as "Best Documentary Film».

5. Steam Experiment (Philippe Martinez, 2009).

The slogan of the film: When the temperature rises, the chaos starts ...

Eerie thriller directed by Philippe Martinez. The main roles are played by Val Kilmer, Armand Assante and Eric Roberts. Mad scientist holding a Turkish bath in the city six people: a football player, a former actress, nurse, waitress, restaurateur and writer. Gradually increase the temperature there to prove his theory that as the onset of the global warming humanity necessarily plunge into chaos. Crazy convinces the police that let people if the newspaper published his theory of global warming on the first page. And the temperature in the bath, meanwhile, increased more and more, as well as the degree of desire trapped people stay alive ...

6. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (Carlos Saldanha, 2006).

Slogan: Winter is over!

Continuation of the well-known and beloved animated full-length computer-animated film "Ice Age", created by the studio Blue Sky Studios for 20th Century Fox. Manny the Mammoth, Sid the sloth and Diego the saber-toothed tiger still continue their exciting journey. When friends become aware of the fact that their land is coming global warming, and soon they would be in danger of drowning, they are sent to a large ship. As always, apart from the main characters live their lives is another main character - a saber-toothed squirrel Scrat, who unaware of the impending ecological dangers, and continues to persist and comical chase his ill-fated coveted acorn.

Upon the occurrence of global warming is melting the glacier with two marine prehistoric lizard - Kriteyshesom and Meylstromom, which soon begin to hunt for our protagonists. And Manny at the same time full of experiences from thinking that it is the last mammoth on Earth. However, this is only misses until he meets a pretty mamontihu Alley, which does not consider itself mamontihoy. Ellie sure as her brothers Crash and Eddie, she is a possum.


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