Soyuzmultfilm and psychedelic

Let us remember some Soviet cartoons, which are known for their strangeness and uniqueness.

"Hedgehog in the Fog" (1976)

Perhaps the most popular Soviet cartoon psychedelic - a "Hedgehog in the Fog." Cartoon of the hedgehog, who walked through the fog to his friend cub to count the stars. In the fog, which is so similar to the heady smoke toward the hero comes across White Horse. She appears and disappears, sometimes it seems that it's just the vision of a hedgehog caught in a thick fog. There are many interpretations of the image of the horse - from the divine message and ending with an ordinary hallucination. In fact, all the strange phenomena in the cartoon variety of interpretations - so it is deep, and of psychological. And despite the fact that they are all different, and maybe someone and they do not looking, this cartoon is so loved by each one of us.

"Contact" (1978)

Cartoon about how the man and the alien find a common language through music. However, the choice of the theme for the cartoon a little shocking - the action takes place to the music of Nino Rota (theme from k / f "The Godfather"). In this cartoon continues to surprise (to put it mildly) and small and large audiences. ET portrayed somehow with triangular eyes and a shapeless body, iridescent. Perhaps it is this, some modern psychologists are elements of psychedelia. In any case, cartoon leaves mixed impression.

"In the blue sea, white foam" (1984)

"Armenfilm" is famous for its bizarre cartoons. What to say, "In the blue sea, white foam" - a musical fantasy on the theme of Armenian folk tales. In the story of a boy with his grandfather fish in the sea and pulled out a pitcher. Opening it, the boy falls into the realm of the sea lord who wants to make his students and to marry his daughter. This cartoon is replete with strange way: king of the sea dives into the water, turning into a rocket and a daughter mermaid with fish head sparkling colored eyes, next swim the fish with the keys on the piano instead of fins, and with flashing lights on their heads, and others. In general, looking at once cartoon, you want to look at it again - or to understand what you have seen - if not a dream, or to grasp the deeper meaning of the cartoon and look peculiar allusion.

"Maybe a crow" (1981)

Cartoon consists of three parts: "On the paintings", "Game", "Maybe ...". And it was the third part deserves special attention. Series "Maybe ..." is a five-minute animation based on the fable "The Crow and the Fox". Storytellers forget fable story and try to remember it in the course of the narrative. Hence it's the start of strangeness: plasticine lump turns into a crow, into a dog, and even a hippopotamus. And after and unspecified animal climbs a palm tree. In general, a chaotic series of images is transformed into a small frenzy.

"The Mystery of the Third Planet" (1981)

Probably, thanks to Lewis Carroll girl named Alice had once been associated with strange and wonderful events. Here and in "The Mystery of the Third Planet" Alice with the expedition sent by the ship "Pegasus" in search of new animals for the Moscow Zoo. In the cartoon a lot of space and the unusual: the sounds of ships and robots, animals and strange creatures, which, for example, is one Gromozeka with its many arms and the wonderful extraterrestrial landscapes, like a field of flowers, mirrors.

"Box with a secret (1976)»

The boy asks his father about the music box, which accidentally caught the eye. My father says that it has long been broken, and it has a secret, and leaving one son, says to understand himself. The desire of a boy who really wanted to solve the mystery and become a little to get into the box, is executed. At the time, the boy hit a hammer on the keys appear on stage various strange creatures - the girl-bells, bicycle tightrope walkers and pompous queen spring. All this action takes place on the Song and Dance "artists" within the box.



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