Why do we need fairy tales, such as exist in real life?

I present to you a selection of photos that appear to be out of this world, and that looks like a fairy-tale picture.

Aliens among us?

It's just a night beach in the Maldives (island vadham). You might think that this image is taken from the movie Avatar or any other sci-fi movie, but you're wrong. This place is on the planet Earth is quite real.

Purple rain? No, the purple field

Lavender fields in France. Perhaps the French have become accustomed to them, and no longer are impressed every time they see them. But for foreigners infinite field of lavender saturated purple color remains in the memory of a lifetime. And what's the fragrance ...

Sky blue

Again Maldives are invited to go to an unforgettable walk between the sky and the ocean. Although there are many places with mirror-clear water, where even the depth is difficult to determine, but this place seems to be created in order to walk here with the gods who created the sky and water.

Time tortillas!

You thought that the essence of Mexico is a desert, big hats and spicy food? Not at all! To understand this, you should reconsider your travel plan and visit the underground river in Rio Secreto (Riviera Maya).


Arabian Nights has gone down in history, but Greece also has something to brag about. Santorini at night looks like a painting, and the artist seems to have spared no paints.

Not only Eskimos

What immediately comes to mind when you hear the word "Alaska"? Kilometres of snow, ice and oppressive white desert. Alaska - not a place for jokes, but! if you do not mind the cold, the trip you might like. This Anchorage and what you see in the picture, to see and live, if you decide to go there.

A huge king-size bed?

Do you like camping? Stay with comfortable tent or sleeping bags around the campfire? Or stay together with other tourists in a safe, modern camping? So ... this is Camping Tree in Elk, California, and if your significant other wants to have to book airline tickets, ask yourself what you will do if, by chance, find yourself a lunatic. But to be honest, for the sake of the rest worth the risk.

Computer graphics?

You might think that this scene is taken from a very romantic film, but it's just a beach Cathedral Cove, New Zealand. What words can describe the majestic appearance of the place, and, moreover, how can you not fall in love with him the first time? This place seems so unnatural, that seeing him for the first time, it is necessary to bow to the enchanting beauty of nature.

From Italy with love

Venice. It is a magical place that attracts millions of tourists every year. The whole essence of Venice is that even if you think you've seen everything there is to this city can still have something to surprise. Faded color, relaxed atmosphere, as the luxury and decadence, surrealism and silent beauty - all this makes come back here again and again.

Lake of tears

Or Lake "evil spirits", Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia. They are considered the resting place of souls. But the most interesting in these lakes is that they change their color from blue to black, red or green. And each lake changes color independently of the other lakes.

Source: shaltay-boltay.livejournal.com


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