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Recently, a Day of Medical Worker.
It is dedicated to a small selection of funny doctors from Soviet films.
And we would like to congratulate on a professional holiday of all doctors, nurses,
Medical statistics, laboratory technicians and nurses. And I wish health.
And most importantly thank you!

 - If you got to the house of the thief, call for help neighbors.
Neighbors are always brave and kind!
Oleg Yefremov - Dr. Aibolit. "Aibolit-66", 1966.

 - We will cure you! Alcoholics - this is our profile!
Pyotr Repnin as narcologist. "Prisoner of the Caucasus", 1967.

 - How did you, Philip Philipovich, managed to lure such a nervous dog?
 - Affection, tenderness ... The only way that is possible in the treatment of a living being ...
Dr. Bormental and Professor Preobrazhensky. Boris Plotnikov and Evgeny Evstigneev in the film "Heart of a Dog", 1988.

 - Cut to hell! Without waiting for peritonitis!
Rimma Markova - Faith, a friend of Margarita Pavlovna, the doctor. "Pokrovsky Gates" in 1982.

 - Comrade Dynin spoiled all the blood! ..
Lydia Smirnova - The doctor in the film "Welcome, or No Trespassing", 1964.

 - Coley Dr. hungry and sick more easily ...
Leonid Armour - Doctor. "Formula of Love", 1986.

 - We escorted Pavlik, and now I'm going home ...
Zhenya Lukashin surgeon. "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", 1975.

How to fly from the earth to the stars,
How to catch a fox's tail,
How to make a couple of stone,
Doctor Knows our Gaspar.
Valentin Nikulin - Dr. Gaspar Arneri, "Three Fat Men", 1966.

 - Fot Pham and fefekty echi. And why? Neiva, zasoenie atmosfevy, vodofemov.
But I pizvanie I logopeft. Flying defey.
Rolan Bykov - speech therapist. "For family reasons", 1977.

 - In the end, all women are characteristic features of a policeman.
First, they say, "Let's not!" And then: "Follow me!».
Andrei Mironov - Novel, a veterinarian. "Three plus two", 1963.

 - A lot! ..
Koshkin specialist pharmacist. "The New Adventures of the elusive" 1968.

 - But, hell, how?! ..
Vitaly Solomin - Dr. Watson. "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson", 1979.

 - Imagine that this is another town and live there are other people who you do not know. And you do not know them. All at once change. And all the trouble remained in the same city. They are forgotten, they are not.
Andrew tender - Sergei Chesnokov dentist in the comedy "The Adventures of the dentist", 1967.

 - Everything that is acquired back-breaking labor, all are gone! Three tape three cameras overseas, the three domestic cigarette case, suede jacket ... three.
Vladimir Etush - robbed Shpak. "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation", 1973.

 - Well, let defrost! Tools, mask!
Eldar Ryazanov - a doctor. "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia", 1973.



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