I opened the secret of the problems in our medicine

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A lot of letters and the hurt and offended that each letter - it's true, from which no one is immune.

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(Dedicated Ilan)

I opened the secret of the problems in our medicine
Probably, it should start with.

No more no secret!

And his discovery with you now I fully share.
But at the same time you will have to take the opening and the pain and despair, which I have put into this cry from the heart.
Cry because it is the story of a little girl, robbed of everything. The fact that she had left hardly a life. This is the story of my daughter.

This Ilana. She is now four months.
In this picture, she's only six weeks.

I did this photo goodbye.

She transferred from one hospital to another child on the pretext that the local resuscitation something there is not enough.
In fact, as later explained to me the doctors themselves, the local resuscitation lacked confidence that the girl will survive to discharge.
And the infant mortality rate under one year in our country - it is a big problem for the medical institutions and staff.

That's why from Ilana promptly tried to get rid of almost everything.

I took this photo, to leave yourself at least some memory of her daughter, Ilana, and drove away.

There, in another hospital, had the car completely legitimate reasons not to take it, but the head of resuscitation was a man.
He knew how high the risk for him personally and his office. But he knew the real reason and translation: born incurable girl.
Moreover, she was born so due to an error by his colleagues. Moreover, these colleagues have done everything to make their wine was not so obvious.
For example, they deliberately put the wrong diagnosis and treatment quickly appointed before the arrival of analyzes. Viral encephalitis brain - not a toy. Should be treated. Analyzes did not confirm the diagnosis? Just her any other virus. Did not find any? This is simply because we have already conducted a course of treatment, and that's not a virus.
He understood it all on the history of the disease, diagnosis called "encephalitis" absurd and Ilan took to his office. Accepted and saved her then.

Later on many professionals, I heard them in the hearts of forgetting clan rules of professional ethics, said: "Only an idiot could make such a diagnosis!".

The fact that Ilan - one of the twins. Of monochorionic twins. Two amniotic bubble, one placenta. I'm not a doctor, of course. And do not pretend. But the words of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the total for these twins immune barrier seemed to me quite clear. To be sure, he said: "One of the placenta - or both sick or not sick one."

Do I need to tell you what, a month after giving birth, one doctor who "is familiar to those who took birth" tried to convince my wife that the twins were fraternal. That is, two of the placenta, and promptly cured encephalitis.
My wife is not a doctor, of course. And do not pretend. She just said that she was awake and gave birth to only one placenta. "In the mind? I see ... "said the doctor, and then left. Although, theoretically, could still say that the placenta fused ... Apparently, at that time did not occur.

But we digress. I promised the secret of our problem of medicine. There is not much.

Today we finally confirmed that the extensive destruction of the brain, our Ilanka got it in childbirth. Nowhere else. That's why she does not suck the breast, can not swallow, keep a finger, does not watch the eyes of the toy does not smile ... The doctors say she will not even be aware of yourself. I look into her eyes and I do not believe it. What remains for me!

So the secrets.
Not all doctors like that I will reveal their secrets.
Then a friend of mine, a doctor (a good doctor, I think) in the hearts of cursed journalists who shoot a TV program about the egregious cases of crimes or malpractice in medicine. To be precise, she wished them "to be treated by sorcerers and give birth in the field." This is a very interesting logic, as for me. And it is - the first step to the disclosure of the promised secret.
Logic, therefore, this.
Since only physicians in this country to practice medicine, something about them, or good, or nothing. Do not like it - go to sorcerers. Well, or in the field. It's already looking a question. That is to say, for medical reasons. The main thing - do it silently. Because doctors have ruined one life saved only ten this week.

I, before we go into the field, I want to ask. Ask all physicians reading this article.
And the death of your loved one for you, too, only statistics?
After all, there is the same.
And you know what?
I do not blame the doctor for the mistake. Oh no, not for it.
Some doctors of science, however, in the heat of the moment, cried: "But how could not appoint a cesarean ?! Who took birth ?! ". But I'm not a doctor of sciences.
So I just want to ask:
"Why did you put this" camouflage "diagnosis? Why strongest drug acyclovir week-old baby, who has no encephalitis?! & Quot;

Or was it another mistake? Well, if I join the opinion of Doctor of Science.

Oh, I forgot.
Why do we have to have the money for the birth ?!
Well, of course. That we may never have occurred to the doctor's fault. I should not have asked it.

So, the secret of this beautiful native medicine - in the toilet.
Not figuratively, but literally.
But not in the usual toilet. A toilet in the hospital, where a sign "service."
Call it as a "whites only", not by skin color.

Tell me why doctors office suite? This is in the sense that the surgeon will run for an operation, and then the toilet is occupied, and he or dance will be at the operating table, or fashioned by the way?
Oh, no.

Just physicians do not consider themselves ordinary people.
They are - above them.
Above me, for example.
So I have to go to the dirty toilet nedomyty forever "for all". And they - to clean "service."
And that! It is only natural. You, for example, will not eat from the same bowl with the dog! So why share one toilet with - terrible to say - patients! Especially, in this terrible infectious neurological department where the toilet so easy to pick up cerebral palsy.

Am I wrong?

Tell me then, why the doctor to me in the House comes in without knocking, and I to his office - knocking? Although this is not my house is locked, I'm in it live, eat, sleep and change clothes. And it - goes to work and can always shut himself in his office to change clothes.

Why unknown lady with a stethoscope around his neck familarno should contact me "Daddy" and I said to her, "Tatiana"? In one hospital, I asked the staff to call me by my name. They were offended.

Why stethoscope around his neck gives a person so much arrogance and contempt for the stranger, unknown to him people?
Ah, yes. If doctors will all take to heart, they just die of sympathy. That's why being soulless experts - their only salvation. True, I have often come across doctors to the soul. And they left people were somehow alive.

One doctor told me it all their own way. It was like this.
We Ilan, having stood a half hours in the queue, went to her office. At Ilana went into convulsions. We had to go back as soon as possible Scream to the hospital, where we were. The doctor gave me a note - not full card. Last name, where you live ... I actually filled an hour ago, but the floor below. And here, it turned out, we need one more. I asked to inspect the girl writhes in agony, because it hurts. And if we go, we can already return until after the next in the queue of patients. After 20-30 minutes. But the doctor showed me the door. I could not help asking, how can you be so cruel to a child. And here's another mystery. "This is - your cross, not mine" - the doctor said.
Well, that is it, or do not choose this profession and has hinted that it is slavery ... or choose not to help someone.

Lord, what am I saying?
What is there to "help"!
Yet for the sake of service toilets, right contemptuously call people nicknames, such as "Daddy" and longed phonendoscope.
We even bought his wife one yourself and take turns wearing it around his neck on kvratire, trying to get a piece of the same power over the world. But could not. This is probably just a symbol, such as the scepter.

I know I will say at this point some readers in white coats.
They will say: "Let's go to learn from our own, to work in an internship, povynosi duck for the sick, ka-pospasay the ambulance smelly homeless people from frostbite and then ..."
... And then I suddenly interrupt so as to scream:
"Then what ?! What ?! Can not sympathize with the pain of the child? Despise people? Not particularly steam at birth twins? To go to a separate toilet? For this - all of this? For the sake of wearing a duck, seven years to learn and save the homeless ?! To consider themselves above the rest? To feel the crowd ?! "

So, toilet service, as indispensable title name and patronymic at any age, but a symbol of power in the form of phonendoscope.

Do you know someone who is very similar to the doctors? Policemen.

One police officer from the infamous Vradievka told our reporters: "If the police is so bad that you just call 102 that ?! Call on your TV! So no, you do us a call! ".

Well, that is all he is also sent to give birth in the field.

And it is the police station, where police raped the girl.

And recently we have on record were 16-year-old boy who was tortured for several hours by the police. Beat one electric and the other choked mask. And before that there was a man whose wife was raped by the police that he signed a confession. But we're phoning 102! And the alternative to the police - no. So - do not say bad things about the police. Yes, how many of those torture in the end! Good as more cases.

That's bad about the doctors do not. They are saving more than destroy.
The fact that the whole civilized world medicine has gone much further by comparison with the field than we do, no one cares. We do not live in a civilized world. We - in the world of office toilets.

I treated eldest sons in Israel. There was no separate toilets for staff. I called it by name. Nobody told me "Daddy." Nobody barked "Reassure the child!".
Someone might say that we have free health care? Already, probably no one.
They cost more? And we have that, if you make more - all at once will change?
Of course not.
People who do not mind a child does not learn to feel sorry for him and for the money.

Today my wife wept all night.
The same doctor, we accept delivery, still in the hospital managed to convince my light, that all the fault of SARS, which she suffered during pregnancy. It so she said, "What do you think, my dear ?!".
My Sveta then said "I'm crippled our child."
Then I told her about the placenta, the doubts of other doctors, but she could not stop herself to blame. Today, we finally realized that SARS is nothing. What should simply choose another doctor. Another hospital. Yes anything, except, perhaps, the fields and the sorcerer ...

We had to go to Israel.
Who knew that in this country in the 21st century is not worth not only born, but even simple - to give birth!

I wrote this for physicians.
For those who think that saved lives give him some kind of carte blanche. Entitle do not really worry about. Right to make mistakes and not to suffer conscience. The right not to empathize.
I am writing this because everyone is in dire need for self-esteem. If he does not respect himself, he kills himself. That is, if we exclude the potential suicides, all without exception, consider themselves to be good.
And the doctor, who was driving the girl with seizures of kabneta and those policemen who tried to rape women or children.
This means they have found an excuse for their actions.
Normal, human justification. It is not an excuse like "because I bastard." No! Such excuses that seem enough for them to consider themselves good people.
Dear doctors!
Those who have not yet tried to torture people in a psychiatric clinic or sell children's bodies.
I appeal to those who simply enjoys the office toilet and appeals to adult strangers "daddy" and "mommy".
For those who no longer empathize.
Your excuses - fake.
Black is black and white - white. And it is - your cross.
It is heavy, I do not argue. But you chose it themselves. Chosen!
And it does not make you superior people.
No, do not, you cheated!
And he did not redeem any of your callousness, nor arrogance.
So do not be fooled. Or carry this cross, or leave. In the bear will not have to, do not build illusions. No essential. There are good, there are so-so and there are disgusting.
Which one of you is willing to say to yourself, "I imagine a doctor"? .. No?
So, everyone wants to be good.
So be.



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