11 secrets of a good crop of cucumbers

It's time to collect and harvest cucumbers! This vegetable and fresh good, and salted or pickled — a welcome treat on the table. Let's talk today about the important nuances and subtleties, which helps the farmer to a noble harvest every year, despite the vagaries of the weather.

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What you need to pay attention and what to do to increase the yield of cucumber plant?
Secret 1: strengthen the root system the better-developed root system of the cucumber, the more chances to get a good harvest. You can help the plant to create additional adventitious roots by pushing the stalk to the ground and covered it with wet soil.
This technique has to be used if you find that the root system is ill (for example, rot-damaged) — it is visible in Sunny weather, when the upper part of the plants are beginning explicitly to "podgadat". Then you can remove half of the ovaries, the whip to drop to the ground, and its lower part is well sprinkled with fertile moist soil. After some time there will be roots and plant would be saved. Harvest, of course, also)
Secret 2: help to pollinate If the insects are few, the pollination of cucumbers can cause problems. To increase the number of ovaries, we can carry out artificial pollination. In the next video, we are given a master class in performing such procedures

Pollination can be done with a soft brush, transferring pollen from male flowers to female.
Secret 3: increase the percentage of carbon dioxide is Known that the growth of any plant based on the process of photosynthesis. And it requires carbon dioxide. In the usual air contains about 0.03 percent carbon dioxide, and if we artificially increase this percentage to 0.5, it will accelerate photosynthesis and therefore increase the yield!

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For reference: on average, the plant synthesizes from carbon dioxide and water 94% of its dry matter, and soil mineral fertilizers, it absorbs only 6%. So "almost nothing" our vegetable and fruit crops grow us food!

The problem with the lack of carbon dioxide can occur in greenhouses, because the plants in the daytime actively use it. How to increase the concentration of useful substances?
  • you can use "dry ice", expanding on the greenhouse of his pieces
  • you can light the gas burner
  • the easiest way to put in the greenhouse for 1-2 containers mullein, emit carbon dioxide during fermentation
  • or mulch the soil with manure with a layer of 3-5 cm
Secret 4: feeding the milk Is, milk like. If regularly — every 2 weeks — feed cucumbers diluted with milk, it will accelerate their growth. Milk diluted with water in the ratio 1:2.

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Secret 5: a properly watered Cucumbers love water. But everything is good in moderation. In the hot season the cucumbers need very frequent watering — usually daily (or every other day) warm water. When the temperature of the air in cloudy days watering or limit, or temporarily stop. To water cucumbers are best in the evening.

Tips on watering the cucumbers in the next video gives Ganichkina Oktyabrina

Secret 6: the right asyncweb Stepsons is superfluous shoots, which take power from the whip, with the result that it does not bear fruit. The following video describes in detail and shows how to pasynkovat cucumbers

Secret 7: right mulching Mulch promotes the growth of soil microorganisms, earthworms, retains moisture, makes the soil more vozduhom. As a result, the roots breathe well, which is beneficial to the development of the whole plant.

Mulching cucumbers will fit many materials: manure and rotten sawdust, chopped straw and chaff, peat, non-woven materials or synthetic films. The choice of rich summer visitors, but some details should be taken into account:
  • it is not recommended to mulch cucumbers freshly cut grass, as the risk of destruction by various rots
  • need to make sure that the mulch layer is not in contact with the stems, especially in the early stages of growth, as it can damage them and even lead to disease
  • when using black perforated film or material type lutrasil don't forget: on hot Sunny days, they can cause a strong overheating of the root system will either have to remove the film in those days, or to close it on top of light material.
Secret 8: correctly loose soil If the soil is compacted, and her crust is formed, the plant is not enough soil air. It starts to lag in growth; ovaries fall off. This should not be allowed.

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After each rain and watering the soil should be loosened to a depth of no more than 3-4 cm, not to damage the root system. Peat soil, even if a sufficient seal is not loosened, and is pierced with a fork for aeration.
Secret 9: select the right micronutrients On the diet for a good harvest in detail in the article "Dressing for cucumbers". I recall only that at the time of fruiting cucumbers themselves will show, they need in additional introduction of trace elements or not. But organic ash, green manure or infusion of rotten hay will be always handy.
Secret 10: the right roommate Cucumbers the best feeling next to beans and peas, kohlrabi, lettuce and cauliflower, celery and lettuce, and, of course, with corn, if it grows on the North side. Don't be surprised, but the neighbourhood of such weeds as pigweed and tansy, the cucumbers are not harmful, they grow well together (of course, the weeds still don't want to give to bloom and to grow strongly). But the neighbourhood with tomatoes cucumber does not like.
Secret 11: do not perederzhivat fruit on the whip don't wait until the fruit attains the maximum weight. The apparent benefit from collecting larger fruit may result in lower yield. Just the opposite: the more often collect the fruits, the higher the yield.

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Cucumbers have long gained worldwide recognition — this favorite snack, and the "running" of pickles, and one of the best cosmetic products! No wonder that in Belarus, in Shklov, in our century of Cucumber, a monument! published   

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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