Cartoons bygone years!

Boys and girls, as well as their parents ...

Today I would like to talk about those cartoons, which have almost ceased to show or not show at all.
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We all remember the wonderful and funny story about a kitten with a very difficult fate, as many of us know that on 5 December 2003 in the beautiful city of Voronezh on the street Lizyukova the grand opening of the monument to Vasily kitten. The very same cartoon created in 1988 at the studio Soyuzmultfilm, director Vyacheslav Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, writer Vitaly Zlotnikov.

A series of Soviet cartoons of four films about the adventures of a stray dog ​​Tishka, which became Lost ... but what he was, a look know. Film 1 (1982) Roles sounded: George Vitsin, Pyotr Vishnyakov, Clara Rumyanova, N. Bochkarev; Movie 2 (1982): George Vitsin, Pyotr Vishnyakov Alexander Bielawski, Vyacheslav Innocent, Olga Rozovskaya; Movie 3 (1983): George Vitsin, Pyotr Vishnyakov, Zinaida Naryshkin, Nikolai Karachentsov Gregory Tolchinskiy; Movie 4 (1984): George Vitsin, Zinaida Naryshkin, Igor Yasulovich Svetlana Travkina.

Cartoon of 1948, the studio Soyuzmultfilm. Created based on the story by Valentin Kataev. This is interesting: 1949 - IV International Film Festival in Marianske Lazne (Czechoslovakia) - The award for the best film for children.

The first cartoon was released in 1980. In 1989 he published a cartoon "Come, Kapitoshka!", Which is a logical continuation of the main cartoon. Cheerful and naive Kapitoshka loved not only young children, but also adults, especially teachers. Perhaps that is why the name "Kapitoshka" they called many kindergartens, creative teams and studios. Now Kapitoshka not just a merry rainbow droplet of pure summer rain. It is also a drop of goodness, creativity, friendship, knowledge, courage that is so necessary to deal with a drop of evil - she had that and look can suddenly appear out of the blue. In its form as a ball of liquid Kapitoshka often became known as children's entertainment - water-filled balloons.

Released in 1989, the creative association "Ekran". Directed by Yuri Butyrin.

Animated film 1989. Directed by Boris Akulinichev.

Animation animated film of 1986. Release. Some interesting: Nehochuha home watching the cartoon "Well, wait!". Nehochuha, hitting Nehochuhiyu looks at television sets at the same time 6 "Winnie the Pooh", "The Kid and Carlson", "Tryam! Hello! "," Well, wait! "" On the road with clouds "and" The Adventures of Leopold the Cat. " The cartoon Yakety Sax melody used by the Estonian group "Orange»

Here I would like to warn following cartoons on the list, including this one, I would not recommend the smallest (anywhere from 10+), and then see for yourself, parents are different. Soviet cartoon? 1981, filmed on the eponymous fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. Pay special attention to the voice acting: a deposit of gold nuggets acting the USSR. Remember who any of you, right now, to show the magic word? I will not weary you, come on to the screen)))

Well, I would like to finish with three epic (in my opinion) from the cartoon blokbast`ёrami Armenfilm. Scene One, fun: 1985g.v. It's interesting-German shepherd guarding the warehouse, plays the harmonica melody "Oh du lieber Augustin." This makes sense if that dog is sitting with a machine gun in the tower, behind barbed wire.

Scene Two, hallucinogens: 1983g.v. All three cartoon based on fairy tales by Hovhannes Tumanyan.

Painting third, postanesthesia: 1984g.v. The director of the three masterpieces was Robert Saakyants. Fun Facts: Although the ancient story, a cartoon is replete with allusions to contemporary realities, phantasmagoric woven into the video, for example, king of the sea dives into the sea, turning into a rocket with the inscription «No smoking!», The daughter of the Sea King opens an umbrella, fish twist grinder (which turns wrecks in the treasure chest), one of the fish (like a crocodile) floating with a blue flashing light on his head, chest steamship pipe and a lifeline for sunken ships hull numbers 007 and 747 (an allusion to the incident with the South Korean Boeing), B cartoon sound two "spells", "AIB BEN GIM" and "Erek th Chorsu". The first - the names of the first three letters of the Armenian alphabet, and the second - an informal start command (literally "three or four" similar to Russian: "Attention! March!»).
Also present, cartoon hints and quite classic images. For example, one of the frames, where the daughter of the Sea King sits on a rock in a stormy sea - an allusion to the famous sculpture "The Little Mermaid", and listened to her boy and king of the sea sitting on a small plot of land, situated on three pillars, to which the boy chained - hint on the ancient idea of ​​the structure of the world, chests is pouring from a large shell that holds the daughter of the sea king - a cornucopia, the conversion back to fish with a boy a boy like passes of Darwinian evolution, becoming a dinosaur, then in Pithecanthropus, and then the person (himself) with a stone ax in his hands.
Originally advertised in the cartoon shows a boy sitting in the back of a turtle, happiness: two fish and the turtle surrounding the number "7" (obtained by "777" - the most winning combination in the slot machine); sweeps past the fish with a birthday cake with candles, one of the fish pulls the horseshoe - symbol of luck. The turtle, which floats on the back of a boy holding a golden key. Sam looked at this whole trilogy and Khalifa stork in a rather early age, mental okay, but times were different and different perceptions of the world. So decide for yourself when the kids start to show, that the last four cartoon.

And in general, what it's all I have: Young children need to show exactly the kind of cartoons rather than modern computer animation (again purely my personal opinion), because here everything is simple, clear and childish somehow. But the fact of what constitutes modern "multimatograf" (something somehow wrapped my now, but oh well), starting somewhere from 10-12 years of age. We will not go far from the last, "Madagascar", "Ice Age" and of course "Despicable Me 2" with her (which overturned my whole brain) category "0 +". Far ambiguous cues characters, violence, cruelty, etc. (not to mention the intricacies of love) All this should not, in my brain hurt children, our young talents. Add a list of your childhood cartoons, the main condition than at least show more interesting to recall, to discuss and review this masterpiece. Thank you all for your attention



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