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"Soyuzmultfilm" - the largest in the USSR studio animated films! It was founded in 1936 and is the creator of the largest collection of Soviet and Russian animation, numbering about 1500 cartoon and puppet animated films. At the weekend I was there on a field trip.

On the ground floor next to the stairs is such a fun company favorite
I propose to recall favorite cartoons

This workplace animator. It is a two-tier high table and a camera that takes pictures. The room was small, the overall plan to remove failed.

That bear is looking forward to taste the sandwich

Then he very different emotions ...

On the wall of the screen cartoons. Consider and smile

The Mystery of the Third Planet! Bird talker different intelligence and wit ©

On the second floor is a museum. The room contains a doll, which starred cartoons, drawings, storyboards, sketches of scenery and small installations.

This layout of the cartoon "The Fisherman and the Fish." Grandma has a noble pillar
By the way, note the parsley on the left.

I'm in the hands of the details Petrushkin fact that if the puppet character in the movie a lot of emotion, he made several interchangeable heads with different facial expressions.

Installation of some cartoon. We played as a child

"38 parrots"!

This guys I liked how open mouth Who knows what kind of animation?

"Boatswain and a parrot!" Ricky and Roma all so familiar))

"Tree Frog". 1988 cartoon.

Our tour group all listened enthusiastically guide

Parrot Kesha!

First, you create a hero and drawn his basic positions / movements. Then the work of the artist is included renderer, which is working on the emotions and movements more closely. On the margins - mark.

In some cases, the pictures were transferred to outline clear plastic and trace the ink

Then on the other hand, they are filled with color

This color palette. Each color has its own number.
When the artists use digital signage colors.

In this figure, the number of color marked. Integers - simple colors, and a fraction - more complex, which are obtained by mixing several dyes.

Another color palette. By the way, the mirror is not accidental, it is also the multipliers used in the work. Tracking the movement of the muscles on your face and carry on the human emotions doll There is also a large mirror in which to look at the position of the body at any given movement.

But these figures - just pictures of illustration. The cartoon is titled "One." In it, each frame - a single drawing, each of which was drawn by hand! For the ten-minute animated film was made about 40,000 of these pictures! Here's a director's creative.

Now cartoonists and animators called in their work use a computer. But the characters still drawn by hand, then simply scanned. In some ways the work easier, but also have enough problems. What's amazing creation process is not accelerated. On the screen - footage from "New Buttermilk", the production process is suspended due to lack of funds.

They say actors are happy to agree to voiceovers

Many cartoons have won awards at various festivals.
This is a strange creature ceramic - a prize for the cartoon "Monkey and robbers."

But "Holiday Boniface" celebrated winning not once.
I was surprised to learn that a cartoon is 1965!

Locker with prizes

And then we watched cartoons! In addition to the cartoon "Bobby to visiting Barbosa" I did not see any.
This would seem called "We Sherlock Holmes."


Cartoon "Puss Kotofeevich" 1981. There's a cat expelled from the old-age home, he sang a sentimental song and became friends with a fox, who called him "dwarf tiger" and intimidate all the animals. And they live happily ever after and good


Cartoon "Forestry Chronicle." Êàî wolf all the hurt, all in all robbed, and then fell into the trap.
But the good animals still helped him.

After the tour, all the cartoons look different. You begin to understand what the work laid out in these stubby plot structure.
Here's a he, Sojuzmultfilm



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