Cartoon bloopers

Cartoons created by the best Soviet cartoonists, still in our country look all - from small to large. After all, they have become true classics, which, as we know, never boring, unlike other Hollywood creations that look once it is possible, but unlikely to want to reconsider.

But, watching the ups and downs in life clever cat Leopold, cat Matroskin and Uncle Fyodor, Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka and old women Shapoklyak, few viewers pay attention to oddities and inconsistencies of various cadres. And it is, moreover, very few people have noticed the change of appearance of the main characters.
Little curiosities.

Cartoon about the adventures Crocodile Gena, Cheburashka and old women Shapoklyak ("Soyuzmultfilm", directed by Roman Kachanov scenario Eduard Uspensky, 1969-83 gg.)

Name your furry eared hero and Eduard Uspensky came up after was a guest at one of his friend. "I came to visit a friend, and his little daughter trying on fluffy fur coat, which dragged along the floor - recalled children's writer. - The girl is constantly falling, faltering of the coat. And her father after the next falling exclaimed: "Oh, again cheburahnulas!". This word is etched in my memory, I asked its meaning. It turned out that "cheburahnutsya" - which means "to fall". And there was the name of my character. " In the first series of the animated series, this is pretty pathetic character reads a lot. The plot of the first series of "Crocodile Gena" is tied to the fact that Cheburashka read the announcement that the young crocodile age 50 looking for friends. Cheburashka later without any problems Shapoklyak read the letter: "I will not ...", and in the cartoon, which focuses directly Cheburashka (it is called - "Cheburashka"), he even recited a couplet on a poster pioneers: "All unnecessary scrapped, collect scrap metal. " But in a subsequent cartoon "Cheburashka goes to school" furry creature of unknown breed somehow completely forgets instrument. And can not read a telegram from the genes. In response, his green friend was so surprised that I almost fainted. But he had no choice but to start with little friend comprehend alphabet.

Strange metomorfozy occur with pernicious old woman Shapoklyak. In an interview with Eduard Uspensky admitted that the prototype Shapoklyak was his first wife. "It is generally believed that a person chooses a wife modeled his mother - said the writer. - My mother was pretty nasty aunt. That is, maybe it was good and my aunt, but we had three children, she loved the older and younger, and I held her as unloved. In this type, I chose a wife, which I also did not like. And with his first wife and I wrote. She is so strict, harmful. Like a cartoon character. " Apparently, not too successful first marriage was reflected in the appearance of the cartoon villain. Thus, in the first episode, just Shapoklyak giant mouth, the second and third - has a tendency to reduce it. And in the latest series of her just a tiny little mouth.

Oddities in the four-part cartoon happens with real estate owned by the crocodile Gena. For example, in the first series of Cheburashka arrives on a visit to a crocodile in a short, small house, where he lives cultivated reptile. In the second series Gene lives in a very strange design that more closely resembles not a house, and stacked cubes. Moreover, it is clear that the blocks are arranged in one layer. And the feeling that Gene is living under the open sky. In the third series, all the action takes place in nature. But in the fourth Gena Cheburashka already live in a large, multi-fabricated house. Probably become members of the cooperative apartment or received from the state.

Animated series about the adventures of a cat Leopold (TO "Screen", directed by Anatoly Reznikov scenario Arcadia Hythe, 1975-93 gg.)

In the series "Summer cat Leopold" malicious mouse bad words scribbled entire wall of the house where Leopold lived. But labels are changed throughout the series, sometimes quite significantly. But most interesting is that in the years of Soviet censorship in the animated film for children appears quite rough language. For example, there is a "Leopold, burdock. Leopold, a goat. Whiskered crocodile. " A little later, the inscription translates to "Come out, kid! Leopold - a mug! ". You can see this interpretation and the inscription: "Goat Leopold!".

The most well known mouse inscription - "Leopold cowards" - was written on the roof. Sometimes it is clearly separated from the rest of the line home. But sometimes, this dividing line is not present, and it seems that the inscription is made directly over the door. However, the house itself is that sometimes the door gets to the roof, and sometimes between it and the roof is enough space for all labels. Handwriting here is also different. Apparently, on a series of work by several artists, and bring everything to a common denominator, no one wanted.

"The Kid and Carlson" ("Soyuzmultfilm", directed by Boris Stepantsev, writer Boris Larin based on tales of Astrid Lindgren, 1968)

In multskazke about the Boy who lives in a family of intellectuals and dreams of a puppy, you can find a dramatic change in appearance of the hero mom. First Mama - a modest red-haired middle-aged lady with glasses in home clothes and apron. And when her family comes Domomuchitelnitsa, mum blossoms eyes. It becomes more graceful. He walks in a business suit with very strict views. Yes, and facial features are more classic - a straight nose, proudly raise his head. And about the glasses and not a speech. Now mom sees perfectly well without them. Changes her hair color and - of red, it becomes a blonde. However, the hair of her husband lose their brown color and lighter. Whether a significant period of time passes for those 19 minutes that lasts cartoon heroes in his life, whether the characters have decided to experience the home remedies staining. This puzzle will remain not unravel. Like this: why the parents of the protagonist of the animated series about Uncle Fyodor were so similar to the parent of a baby? One can only assume that the idea was borrowed. After all cartoons on the novel by Eduard Uspensky "Uncle Feodor, a cat and a dog," later filmed adventure Carlson.


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