Mistakes in geography ...

In the summer of 981, the distant ship Viking Erik the Red came to an unknown land. Eric saw a green carpet of moss on the banks, and, delighted, a few hastily appropriated the name of the open land Greenland, ie "green country". Although, in fact, in some places the thickness of the ice cap of Greenland is more than 3 kilometers and the total supply of ice that "green country" is so big that if he had instantly melted, the sea level would rise by 8 meters.

The reverse case, Iceland.
This name translates as "the country of ice." So named the island one of its discoverers Norwegian Viking Flock
Vilgerdarson. But in fact, the snow and glaciers cover only a small part of the island. Icelanders themselves joke:
"Coolest in our country - it's her name."


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