The first step to a Nobel Prize

We are born wonderful children - big-eyed, intelligent and subtle, in 6-7 years we give them to school ... What do we get the output after the children for 6 hours or more trained educators for 11 years? After all, the elite should be out! Whom do we produce? In what language they - graduates - talk? What thoughts swarming in their heads?

Sometimes I take the trouble to read the forums. About 30 years ago I could not imagine anything like this. The principle of the modern Forum is: an intelligent article written after this first forum member scolds the author, and the second member of the forum first scolds. This discussion usually ends

But the school -. So many years, so many wonderful books ... What is not there? All!

If we want to achieve something, we have to suddenly say to themselves that almost none of the old school is not valid. Geography teacher tells about the geography of Portugal, a history teacher -. about the history of France, and physical education disappears both

What if you do not try to cram in a child's information, not to give some pieces, and to teach him to think and to enjoy the process of thinking, to teach him to feel, to bind together the events, phenomena. After all, what is geography? A place! What is the story? Time! But other? Culture!

Today in education gives priority to mathematics, computer, foreign language (all that with which it is easier to achieve "beautiful" life), and the teachers almost gone from the music (peripheral object!), Literature (enough for an optional reference), and such exotica as the history of art, history of religion, if ever we are not taught. Still loving mothers and fathers vaguely realize that, coming to life, their fumes have to build relationships on a daily basis, make moral choices have to be a man. < This does not teach math, and literature and art.

So we, in our society today need to throw all the forces in the development of culture. After all, what is culture? This is the cultivation of the soul. And it is - the most important thing. Because no matter how much we are talking about the culture of power, muscle, any animal will give us 100 points ahead, and if we talk about the culture of the society, we ant to how far galaxies.

But there is as yet we have such a school in which mathematics, music, history, geography and literature are part of one whole. A man has 14-15-16 years. How can he help himself to penetrate this idea more deeply? What he read that he was listening to, what to watch?

I would suggest to start with Robert Sheckley, Ray Bradbury, Clifford Simak. American science fiction writers were given a terrific, very deep philosophy, a well camouflaged. This was a cohort of the great thinkers. They did not write about how people live in space, but about us, about our life.

With regard to musical education, I have a principled position. < Music should be the main subject in the school! This tells us the whole ancient culture. Among the seven liberal sciences in the first place were music and rhetoric in general. And the logic is added to them yet. It is not a mineral characterized by a country, and the music and the works of culture, which embodies the soul of the people.

On one of the Nobel Prize, I offered to give each Nobel laureate at the time of its appearance in the doorway Kontserthyuseta question about his attitude toward classical music. Spectators do not even suspect that the absolute majority of the winners of all childhood was filled with classical music. And it is quite logical that, opening the Nobel concert, I said the following sentence:

"Dear Mom and Dad, grandparents! < If you want your child took the first step to the Nobel Prize, start their education is not a math or chemistry. Start with music Einstein violin -. Not a coincidence. Countries that do not understand, never gave the world Nobel laureates. For great music - brain food since childhood ยป

. I believe that people from the path of the ear passes through the heart, rather than through the gastrointestinal tract. What they are more likely to perceive the great music and fine poetry than advertising crisps. Just a little confused, lost landmarks. Living at a furious pace - a lot of work to make it comfortable accommodation and sustenance, to be no worse than the other, to educate children so that they can work too ...

But if you think about all this turns into a vicious circle, and there is no place the most important - knowledge of the world and the universe. This is the meaning of life and the meaning of art: plunging into the world of beauty, man develops and grows

. Culture - this is the first. Everything else then!

Based on materials from an interview with Michael Kazinik:,,,,,

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