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course, writers, philosophers and other humanists of all stripes know how to speak beautifully about everything, but to really understand the world and the nature of things only physics. In addition, they are real visionaries, romantics and people with the most imaginative.

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Nikola Tesla h3> The inventor in the field of electrical engineering and radio engineering, engineer, physicist.

You know the expression "You can not jump over your head?" This is misleading. Man can do everything. The action even the tiny creatures leads to changes in the universe. Modern scientists think deeply instead of thinking clearly. To think clearly, you need to have common sense, and think deeply, you can and being completely crazy. If you will not be able to successfully attack any one country, the war will end.


Lev Landau h3> The Soviet physicist, founder of the scientific school, academician of the USSR, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1962).

The greatest achievement of human genius is that people can understand the things that he was not able to imagine. Everyone has the strength to live a life with dignity. And all this talk about what is a difficult time - a smart way to justify their inaction, laziness and sadness are different. We have to work, and there, staring, and times have changed. The worst sin - is to miss! ... Here comes the Last Judgment, the Lord God will call and ask, "Why did not enjoy all the benefits of life? Why bored? » The women are worthy of admiration. For many things, but especially for their patience. I am convinced that if men had to give birth, mankind would have quickly died out.

Niels Bohr h3> Danish physicist and philosopher, Nobel Prize in Physics (1922).

Expert - a person who has made all possible mistakes in a very narrow specialty. Your idea, of course, insane. The question is whether it is crazy enough to be true. If you're not scared quantum physics, then you do not understand it.

Pyotr Kapitsa h3> The Soviet engineer, physicist, academician of the USSR, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1978).

Nothing prevents a person to become tomorrow's smarter than he was yesterday. a young man, when he is not afraid to do something stupid. The main sign of talent - is when man knows what he wants. Artistic freedom - the freedom to make mistakes.

Ernest Rutherford h3> British physicist of New Zealand origin, one of the founders of nuclear Physics Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1908).

If a scientist can not explain the cleaner who cleaned his lab, the meaning of his work, he does not understand what he is doing. All sciences are divided into physics and stamp collecting. The three stages of recognition of scientific truth: first - "it is absurd", the second - "this is something there", the third - "it's common knowledge».

Richard Feynman h3> The eminent American physicist, one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics and the atomic bomb, l aureat Nobel Prize in Physics (1965). < /

You keep saying to myself, 'I can do this, but I will not "- but this is nothing more than another way of saying that you can not. I think it's safe I can assert that quantum mechanics does not understand anybody. Physics as ....: can not give practical results, but that is no reason not to do it.

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