Post proving that dogs golden heart

Dog - the only creature on earth that loves you more than himself. It is not yet born, and we are already committed. In puppy eyes still closed, and he had confidence in us.

Website has collected photographs, after watching them you will want to get a dog. Because they truly golden heart.

Dogs - excellent nurse.

Even if at first glance does not say.

They miss us every time we parted.

With four-legged friend is always nice to just shut up.

Generally well as a number of a friend who spoils the picture.

The dog did not give up in difficult moments of his master, who was on the street.

Dog named Lilibel guards everywhere girl Megan.

This companion.

The dog, which saves lives.

The dog will be your best friend for life.

Even when you walk down the aisle.

Or when the next one will not.

The dogs incredible patience.

And let it remains so.

Dog helps to open the refrigerator patients with epilepsy.

Specially trained dogs in an American dental clinics to help young patients cope with pain.

With such a great friend to travel.

Do not worry because of this idiot, you can do better!

Dogs are capable of much.

But they also need to know that they are loved.

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