20 inspirational quotes Steve Jobs for perfectionists

The man who has spearheaded the era of personal computers, the founder of Apple, one of the founders of the studio Pixar - Steve Jobs appreciated techniques in beauty and convenience. He elevated the perfection of the basic principle of life.

Website has collected 20 famous saying of a man who changed the world, gave him not only the technology but also the style and philosophy.

We are here to contribute to this world. Otherwise, why are we here? I do not trust a computer that can not lift. Do you want to spend the rest of life, selling soda, or want to change the world? I am convinced that half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the losers - is perseverance. You can not just ask customers what they need, because by that time, as long as you do, they'll want something new. Most people do not realize that they actually need, while he will not show them this. I would have traded all their technology to meet Socrates. I am the only person who knows what to lose a quarter of a billion dollars per year. It forms a very good person. Once Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal." We will never be ashamed to steal good ideas from others. The saying that I am motivated in everything? "You never know what you are looking until you find it." It makes no sense to hire smart people and then specify what to do. We hire people to say, what to do to us. Being the richest man in the cemetery for me it does not matter ... Go to bed with the thought that you have created something wonderful - that's what matters to me. When I did not have enough money, I sat down to think, instead of running make. The idea - the most expensive product in the world. I believe that the quality of a person is determined by its environment, not heredity. Be honest with yourself and with people always do everything on time, never give up, go to your goals, even if all the bad. Distance traveled is the reward. Do not make any mistakes - it means to live a life of inferior. When you're growing up, you impose the perception that the world should be taken for what it is, quietly live their lives and do not try to rock the foundations of ... But this is a very limited approach. Life will become much richer once you realize one simple fact: everything around you has been created by the same people. Get rid of the misconception about the predetermination of life. Once you realize that you can write its own scenario, the world will never be the same again. Technology - nothing. What is really original and very important right - the belief in people. Give them the tools, and with them they will be able to create something beautiful. Your time is limited, do not waste it is to live someone else's life. Photo on preview: Albert Watson

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